Dubai Plans to Roll Out a Smart Car Rental Service for Tech-Savvy Consumers

Michael Cheng2016-10-27 14:45

Compared to fuel-dependent cars, the number of smart vehicles on the road are extremely low. Dubai hopes to address such issues by offering a unique smart car rental service to consumers who are interested in connected vehicles. The service, which was unveiled during the 36th Gitex Technology Week event, will be led by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Tesla says it now has full self-driving hardware for all cars being produced

Claire2016-10-27 14:25

After a series of accidents regarding Tesla's "autopilot" system causing controversy internationally, the company announced on Oct 19th that now its cars are equipped with hardware for fully-autonomous driving.

Information Overload – How Much is too Much?

Anthony2016-10-26 15:25

Information Overload – How much is too much for ordinary everyday humans to process? It appears there are boundaries to effective communication processing.

How to improve self-driving techniques in the future

Yi Jing2016-10-26 14:25

The human brain is still better than any computer at making decisions in the face of sudden. Self-driving cars should be improved according to current disadvantages.

UK Proposes New Incentives for Electric Cars in Clean Air Zones

Michael Cheng2016-10-26 14:05

In order to meet European clean-air standards, authorities plan to roll out special benefits for EV drivers, such as priority at traffic lights and access to one-way streets. The latter privilege would work by allowing EVs to go against the normal flow of traffic in an extra lane.

An Introduction to Self-Driving Cars

Yi Jing2016-10-26 10:45

A self-driving car (driverless, autonomous, robotic car) is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.

Uber drivers win lawsuit for jobless payments in New York state

Claire2016-10-26 08:30

The New York State Department of Labor has ruled that two Uber drivers are employees of Uber rather than independent contractors, therefore, they are eligible for jobless benefits, on the other hand, Uber is appealing the determination.

Is mankind living in a computer simulation? Part Ⅱ

Anthony2016-10-25 15:50

Is mankind living in a computer simulation? Part Ⅱ

Chinese electronics company Anker announces a Navdy clone named "Roav"

Claire2016-10-25 15:25

Chinese consumer electronics company Anker is about to release its automotive brand "Roav" this coming November, which is very similar to Navdy, but might come with an affordable price.

Tesla updated its new autopilot hardware version to achieve "Full Self-Driving Capability"

Amanda2016-10-25 14:25

Tesla announced its new auto pilot feature on their official website. As it explains; "The system is designed to be able to conduct short and long distance trips with no action required by the person in the driver's seat. Your Tesla will figure out the optimal route, navigate urban streets (even without lane markings), manage complex intersections with traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts, and handle densely packed freeways with cars moving at high speed.

Why Do Self-Driving Cars Need Smart Roads?

Michael Cheng2016-10-25 09:50

Today's roads were designed to support Henry Ford's vision of humans driving cars. Since the release of the first automobile in 1908 (the Ford Model T), not a lot has changed in the way cities build and use roads. For self-driving cars, this could be a problem.

NextEV electric supercar wows observers while being tested in Germany

Lydia2016-10-24 17:30

NextEV electric supercar wows observers while being tested in Germany

GM invests in Chinese car sharing company "Yi Wei Xing"

Claire2016-10-24 13:30

General Motors announced recently that it has made strategic investment into the emerging Chinese car sharing venture "Yi Wei Xing", which is the latest move that GM had on "exploring personal mobility in China".

Self-Driving Trucks Could Hit Public Roads Before Self-Driving Cars

Michael Cheng2016-10-24 09:45

While most popular automobile brands, such as Ford, BMW and Chrysler, focus on passenger vehicles, other companies are applying autonomous technology to commercial trucks. In fact, some analysts believe that self-driving trucks will beat self-driving cars in the race to release a reliable autonomous vehicle on public roads.

Is mankind living in a computer simulation? Part Ⅰ

Anthony2016-10-24 09:30

Is mankind living in a computer simulation?

Didi Chuxing looks to Silicon Valley for more talents in self-driving technology

Claire2016-10-22 13:05

Didi wants to extend its blueprint to grab a slice of the autonomous vehicle field, just like what Uber is doing now.

Financial Intelligence: Investors ask what's hot for Future Cars?

Anthony2016-10-22 10:10

Keen foreign investors understand there are three major pockets of wealth in the United States. One would point to New York and its array of big banks, Wall Street honchos and Madison Avenue tycoons. Washington, D.C., and the suburbs of northern Virginia, are the second area of wealth, and then of course Silicon Valley.

Google's self-driving car crash sent its test driver to the hospital

Claire2016-10-21 14:25

Google's self-driving car crash sent its test driver to the hospital

The Human Brain – The Final Barrier to Autonomous Driving

Anthony2016-10-21 14:25

The Human Brain – The Final Barrier to Autonomous Driving

TED Talk: Can we build AI without losing control over it?

Amanda2016-10-21 14:05

Sam Harris hosted an interesting TED talk addressing modern society's collective fear that artificial intelligence could ultimately destroy us or inspire us to destroy ourselves. These ideas were popularized in the famous "Terminator" Hollywood film franchise.