Other countries are ‘beating’ the US to fully driverless cars. Let them.

Mia2016-08-30 07:04

Singapore has announced that it is the the first country to host a fully self-driving taxi, powered by a totally real-sounding startup called nuTonomy.

Tesla 3,300-mile Australian camping trip

Elena2016-08-30 06:58

Tesla 3,300-mile Australian camping trip, sans Superchargers.

Electric-car range anxiety exists, but it's overblown, says MIT study

Patrick2016-08-30 06:54

Electric cars available today could replace 87 percent of current personal vehicles, MIT professor Jessika Trancik and her colleagues concluded.

Tesla is reportedly heavily discounting inventory Model S P90D’s now that P100D is out

Patrick2016-08-30 06:12

Tesla is reportedly heavily discounting inventory Model S P90D’s now that P100D is out.

California is poised for the most massive deployment of electric vehicle chargers across the U.S.

Alan2016-08-30 05:56

California is poised for the most massive deployment of electric vehicle chargers across the U.S.

Tesla Autopilot with new v8.0 software update is able to handle highway interchanges

Alan2016-08-30 05:45

Version 8.0 with the new off-ramp and highway interchange features bring the Autopilot closer to this vision than ever before.

Chemi Peres makes predictions for Israel’s tech scene

Shelly2016-08-30 05:35

TechCrunch had the opportunity to speak with Chemi Peres, co-founder of Pitango Venture Capital, about Israel’s tech scene.

NHTSA releases raw 2015 traffic fatality data, calls for tech companies to analyze

Shelly2016-08-30 05:30

The NHTSA is offering an open data set of anonymized but detailed info regarding these accidents today, three months earlier than it typically does.

The Obama administration wants to require electronic speed-limiting devices in big trucks and buses

Elena2016-08-28 16:25

Speed would be capped at 60, 65, or 68 mph.

Volkswagen’s 2019 electric car said to get 300 miles on a 15-minute charge

Elena2016-08-28 12:00

This year’s Paris motor show will host the unveiling of Volkswagen’s first all-electric car, according to an interview with company chairman Herbert Diess in German magazine WirstschaftWoche.

Google hires Airbnb’s Shaun Stewart to help bring self-driving cars to market

Shelly2016-08-28 06:00

Google has a new director at its self-driving car unit: Shaun Stewart, former head of Airbnb’s vacation rentals business, and CEO at TripAdvisor prior to that.

Spiri’s on-demand carpooling service will use custom EVs and let drivers ride free

Patrick2016-08-27 15:30

Danish startup Spiri believes urban transportation is still massively inefficient, and it’s setting out to tackle the problem from a few different directions.

Tesla is working to turn its vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots, introduces new chip and module

Patrick2016-08-27 13:15

Tesla is at the forefront of the technology in the auto industry as the first automaker to offer over-the-air (OTA) software updates for all its vehicles.

Median home price in Sparks, Nevada, has increased 42% since Tesla announced its Gigafactory

Alan2016-08-27 10:30

A recent look at home sales in Sparks, Nevada, where Tesla is building the battery factory, shows that the median home price has increased 42% since the automaker announced its plans for the plant.

Karma Automotive to move HQ and open store in former Kawasaki HQ in Irvine

Alan2016-08-27 09:30

A few weeks after Karma Automotive had an “online unveiling” for its new Revero, the automaker announced that it will move its headquarters to a new building in Irvine, California.

Here’s Baidu’s new all-electric self-driving test car

Shelly2016-08-27 06:05

Self-driving cars have a tendency to become more adorable as big tech companies iterate their design, and Baidu’s new modified Chery eQ all-electric test vehicle is no exception.

Tesla releases new charging adapter to connect directly in most dryer outlets

Mia2016-08-27 02:53

Tesla released, or more accurately re-released, a NEMA 14-30 adapter for the Model S and Model X.

Someone is still filing bogus NHTSA complaints about Tesla’s suspension allegedly failing

Mia2016-08-27 02:30

Despite NHTSA looking into the alleged issue and reportedly not finding anything, the Australian in question, Keef Wivaneff, is still filing his bogus NHTSA complaints about Tesla.

AAA study sheds light on AEB systems

Mia2016-08-27 01:25

The study found that AEB systems are designed to work differently, though that may not be apparent to consumers.

Naval Ravikant on China money into Silicon Valley

Elena2016-08-26 21:30

This trickle could become a tsunami.