NVIDIA Hopes to Speed Development of Self Driving Cars with ‘Drive PX on Wheels'

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【Summary】Nvidia has introduced Drive PX on Wheels, a complete self-driving car kit to help developers working on self-driving cars.

Original Eric Walz    Aug 02, 2017 4:45 PM PT
NVIDIA Hopes to Speed Development of Self Driving Cars with ‘Drive PX on Wheels'
author: Eric Walz   

Self-driving cars will someday make transportation easy. However, building an autonomous vehicle is an arduous task. Nvidia hopes to make self-driving car development a little easier.

That's why Nvidia has partnered with AutonomouStuff, a supplier of components used within autonomy systems, to make DRIVE PX on Wheels, a complete self-driving car hardware suite available to researchers and developers working to revolutionize transportation.

DRIVE PX on Wheels is a new kit available in three configurations — advanced, basic and custom that makes the transition to autonomy as smooth as possible. Each kit comes with a vehicle configured by AutonomouStuff with sensors and our end-to-end autonomous driving platform, that's ready to go on day one, allowing developers to focus on creating their own self-driving solutions.

The Drive PX on Wheels kits supports trusted autonomous hardware, such as Velodyne's top of the line HDL-64E LiDAR sensor, which is used by Waymo and Apple, and Garmin GPS sensors with support for NMEA output.

The advanced kit begins with a car — a Ford Fusion, which is loaded with a NVIDIA DRIVE PX AI car computer, as well as cameras, LIDAR, radar, navigation sensors and a drive-by-wire system.

The NVIDIA DriveWorks software development kit (SDK), which comes pre-installed in DRIVE PX, gives developers a foundation for building applications, including computationally intensive algorithms for object detection, map localization, and path planning. AutonomouStuff installs DRIVE PX, so that developers can instantly access the reference applications, tools and library modules in the SDK.


The Drive PX on Wheels System Installed in the Trunk of a Car

The advanced kit offers an extensive array of sensors and peripherals for data acquisition, storage, and development of applications ranging from Level 3 to Level 5 autonomy. Instead of spending months setting up sensors or calibrating software, developers can jump straight to building their own applications.

A basic kit is also available. It includes a Polaris GEM compact electric car, as well as DRIVE PX, DriveWorks, cameras, navigation sensors and a drive-by-wire system. This entry level kit is an affordable option for many development needs. It's ideal for applications like low speed campus shuttles in hospitals, colleges, factories and other similar scenarios.

For specific research and development needs, AutonomouStuff will configure a custom kit for any vehicle. This provides flexibility with placement and choice of sensors. From the advanced kit to the basic kit, there is a wide spectrum of possible sensor configurations for a development vehicle.

Several universities and startups are using DRIVE PX on Wheels, making it easier than ever to use our self-driving car platform to combine surround vision, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence. Each kit provides the hardware, software, and tools developers need to get started.

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