Autoliv is Working to Make Automotive Systems Smarter

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【Summary】Jan Carlson, president & CEO of Autoliv, was a guest speaker at this week’s Automobility LA to introduce to the audience some of the company’s new smart automotive safety technology.

Original Eric Walz    Nov 29, 2017 4:53 PM PT
Autoliv is Working to Make Automotive Systems Smarter
author: Eric Walz   

LOS ANGELES — Jan Carlson, president & CEO of Autoliv was a guest speaker at this week's Automobility LA to introduce some of the company's smart automotive safety technology, including headlights that turn on and off or focus based on what's in front of the car.

Autoliv just split into two separate divisions, passive safety and active safety, including a new company for autonomous driving. Carlson said that gaining trust from the public is key for the adoption of autonomous driving systems.

Explaining how drivers are hesitant about adopting to new automotive technology, "We may have it, we may not use it, or may not trust it" he said. Getting drivers to trust a car's technology may take some time, but eventually we get used to it. For example, applying a car's brake pedal is second nature. "I don't think anyone in this room would second guess the brake pedal" he added.

Autoliv is working to make cars smarter, so the systems communicate directly to the driver. For example, if a pedestrian is anywhere near a car, the system can alert the driver, even if the driver does not see the person. Autoliv refers to these systems as ‘decision making'.

Autoliv is currently testing a vehicle which it calls ‘LIV', and acronym for learning intelligent vehicle. The vehicle is capable of learning a driver's behavior. Carlson said the vehicle is designed to help the driver "trust the vehicle".


"We believe we have a very good environment developing this type of integration between the sensor part and the car part" Carlson said. Autoliv has a goal to make all of its vehicle systems intelligent.

The company's long standing relationships with automakers places the company in the ideal position of working directly with automakers, to customize sensor and other technology according to each manufacturer's needs and speeding up development.

Autoliv recently entered into a partnership with Volvo called Zenuity to work on automotive technology, mainly decision making or AI software. Autoliv is playing a key role in adding to and improving Volvo's autonomous driving platform.

Autoliv hopes to launch level 3 autonomous driving tech by 2019 and level 4 autonomy by 2021. When asked about Autoliv's goals as a company, Carson said, "In the future, we will save thousands of lives every day."

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