Electric GT World Series Gets FIA Approval, Tesla Model S to be Only Car Involved

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【Summary】The FIA has given the Electric GT World Series its approval, and the EV-only series could start as early as this year.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Feb 09, 2018 9:15 AM PT
Electric GT World Series Gets FIA Approval, Tesla Model S to be Only Car Involved
author: Vineeth Joel Patel   

Roughly two years ago, the Electric GT World Series announced plans to pit Tesla Model S sedans against one another in an all-electric racing series. The series, which was created by Electric GT Holdings had hopes of starting in 2017. While that's no longer the case, the racing series is one step closer to starting. 

Tesla Model S To Star In All-Electric Racing Series

The original plans for the Electric GT World Series included 10 teams racing Model S P85+ models compete against one another. As racing vehicles, the Model S sedans would get some crucial differences, including better brakes, more drastic aerodynamics, weight reduction, extra cooling, and upgraded suspension. 

Things have changed a little bit, but the racing series is now closer than ever to starting. According to a report by The Verge, the FIA has given its full approval to the Electric GT World Series. 

The plan for the series now includes electric vehicles from multiple automakers. But only Tesla makes high-performance EVs at the moment, limiting the vehicles in the series to heavily-modified P100D models. The electric sedans will be pushing out approximately 800 horsepower and will have some other racing goodies to help cope with the stresses of traveling around a track. 

The series, which is set to being later this year, will see the Model S sedans compete against one another at iconic race tracks that Formula One currently uses. The Verge reports that things like locations, who will be driving the vehicles, and scheduling are still being determined. 

In a twist to bring some more viewers in, especially over Formula E, will also the all-electric racing series will feature eSports and electric kart championships, reports Motorsport. Viewers will also be able to enjoy a "drift off" competition, which will be held at "suitable circuits." 

Viewer Interaction To Be Key

To get more viewers to interact with the series, they'll be able to vote for their top two favorite drivers in the drifting competition. The two chosen by the fans will go head-to-head against the winners in a final drifting competition. Three extra championship points are reportedly up for grabs with the drifting competition. 

"This is such an exciting day for us as we confirm that the Electric Production Car Series has been officially sanctioned by the FIA," said Electric GT CEO Mark Gemmell. "We respect the FIA and we are honoured to have their support ahead of our inaugural season. We are also pleased to officially publish the sporting regulations for the Electric Production Car Series." 

In addition to getting approval from the FIA, the Model S P100D recently cleared its crash testing ahead of the first season of the racing series. The crash test, according to the series itself, was carried out by the Institute for Applied Automotive Research in Barcelona. 

Getting approval from the FIA is a big step forward for the racing series. Currently, only one team has signed up for the series. But with the recent approval and crash-test rating, things should start to ramp up for the series. 

With Formula E being a massive hit, adding another all-electric racing series should prove to be fruitful to helping the battery-powered vehicles' appearance globally. 

via: The Verge, Motorsport

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