DS Reveals 1,341 Horsepower Electric Concept Car

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【Summary】French automaker DS recently unveiled a 1,341 hp electric concept call called the X E-TENSE. It's fitted with two electric motors and oddities like a personal-assistant hologram and collision self-healing.

Original Mia Bevacqua    May 04, 2018 11:31 AM PT

If you live in the U.S., you may have never heard of DS Automobiles. The automaker is a premium sub-brand of Citroen, a name that's often associated with poor quality in the states. Recently, however, DS revealed a concept car that transcends the American bias towards French vehicles – the 1,341 hp, all-electric DS X E-TENSE.

Outlandish design  

The X E-TENSE is the stuff dreams are made of. It's a concept car, intended to convey the DS vision for the year 2035. Outside, the futuristic machine presents an asymmetrical design that looks like its straight out of a sci-fi flick. Under that crazy body, the car rides on a carbon-fiber chassis.  
But that's just the start. What really causes the DS X E-TENSE to draw stares – or raise eyebrows – is its cockpit. The driver sits in a single, open-air seat behind a small windshield. Anyone bold enough to ride along gets stuffed into a rearward passenger compartment, under a bubble-top roof. If three isn't a crowd, an additional seat can be added in front of the first occupant. Everyone onboard can enjoy the absurdity of the cabin's glass floor and scented air.


Space-age technology

Forget Siri – the DS X E-TENSE has a personal-assistant hologram, aptly named IRIS. This high-tech helper obeys your command and tends to the vehicle's functions.
As if that wasn't weird enough, the car can heal itself after a collision, like an automotive Wolverine. DS says this ability comes courtesy of unspecified "new technology".

Over 1,000 electrified horsepower

The DS X E-TENSE is propelled by two electric motors mounted in the front wheels. On-road, these units provide a relatively tame 536 hp in "standard" mode. When the driver selects "circuit" mode,  the fun begins. Suddenly the electric motors churn out 1,341 hp (some sources say 1,360 hp) – more than enough to blow the doors off a Tesla Model S.

The trickle-down effect

While we won't see the X E-TENSE until 2035 – if ever – it's design and technology will trickle down. It's been rumored that elements from the car will be applied to other models, such as the DS 3 Crossback. DS intends to make its entire lineup of cars electric by 2025.

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