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Futurecar.com is a media company specialized in introducing investment opportunities for Chinese investors in the automotive industry. The company is founded in the heart of Silicon Valley- Santa Clara. It is wholly owned by JPM.CN, a Chinese financial media company. Futurecar.com plans to acquire new users through high-quality content, in addition, we are working to create more opportunities in the advances automobile industry. So investors from the emerging Chinese markets will have a broader set of investment opportunities. The current automotive industry has an outdated industrial chain and it is due for disruption as a company that is focused on innovation we are excited about. The investment opportunities are new technologies that will make the industrial chain more efficient in the past few years. We have exponentially multiplied the number of private Chinese investors in our fund. Futurecar.com is going to bridge the information gap in the automotive industrial chain by providing high-quality digital contents technological innovation and a team of experts with diverse business backgrounds to allow more private Chinese investors to participate in creating a better future.
Building cars for a better future.