AutoMobility LA: Hyundai Blue Link & Smartcar Team Up to Build An Ecosystem for the Connected Car

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【Summary】Hyundai Motor America and Smartcar, a Silicon Valley based company working to drive innovations in connected car technology, demonstrated today at Automobility LA 2017 a proof of concept connecting businesses to Hyundai vehicles using its Blue Link All Access Service.

  Eric Walz  ·  Nov 28, 2017 11:25 AM PT
author: Eric Walz   

LOS ANGELES — Hyundai Motor America and Smartcar, a Silicon Valley based company working to drive innovations in connected car technology, demonstrated today at AutoMobility LA 2017 a proof of concept connecting businesses and services to Hyundai vehicles using its Blue Link All Access Service. 

This connection will allow a host of services, including mobile car washing, grocery delivery, and on-demand fuel delivery companies to securely access Hyundai vehicle functions, such as the vehicle's location, remote locking and unlocking and data such as mileage. 

The secure Smartcar/Blue Link infrastructure would allow companies like Washos, an on-demand car wash service, the ability to locate an owner's Hyundai and access it without keys or the owner being present so a detailer could quickly clean the car, inside and out. 


Using Blue Link All Access, a Hyundai owner could also have dinner ready faster, by having their groceries delivered right to their vehicle using a grocery delivery service's mobile app while they are at work. 

A car sharing company could also take advantage of this partnership to allow remote access and access authorization to parked vehicles. The user must link their Blue Link account with their service provider account to grant permission and allow access to the vehicle.

"This proof of concept will allow us to understand the benefits, requirements and challenges of linking to third party providers," said Manish Mehrotra, director, digital business planning and connected operations, Hyundai Motor America. "Developing an open Blue Link ecosystem creates a myriad of possible business models for the future."

The partnership marks the outset of a number of possible features that could be available to drivers in the future. A connection to Smartcar in the future could help with car sharing programs, dry cleaning delivery services, grocery delivery services, on-demand fuel or charging services, and parking location information services.

"Apps are a fundamental differentiator for car owners. Smartcar and Hyundai are advancing the creation of an ecosystem of apps and services for connected vehicles," said Sahas Katta, co-founder and CEO of Smartcar. "This partnership will bring unique experiences to Hyundai vehicle owners, starting with California."

How It Works 

SmartCar's platform uses extensions to that of Hyundai Blue Link to send remote functions to the vehicle's Telematics Management Unit. This model provides ease of "connectivity" for the inclusion of various services into the ecosystem. For example, a user could link to on-demand car wash company Washos by doing the following, the owner links their Blue Link account to the Washos app and accepts the terms and conditions. The customer then requests their vehicle to be washed through the Washos app and Blue Link provides the vehicle location to the Washos detailer's smartphone app.

The Blue Link connection allows the Washos detailer's app to unlock the car so the interior can be vacuumed and the owner can use Blue Link to lock the keys in the car in case it needs to be moved. This removes the need to meet a Washos team member at another location.

Once the vehicle is cleaned it is locked and secured by the representative and the detailer's access is removed once the wash is complete. The owner receives a completion notification. Once the service is completed, the Washos detailer can no longer access the vehicle and the vehicle is secured remotely.

Hyundai and Smartcar will start its ‘Blue Link All-Access' program with California businesses in the first half of 2018.

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