Perrone Robotics Collaborates With Machine Learning Research Pioneers on Autonomous Perception

Perrone Robotics Inc., a Virginia-based robotics company today announced the company is collaborating with pioneering Professor Robert Hecht-Nielsen of the University of California, San Diego's (UCSD) Vertebrate Movement Laboratory (VML) and its research team on advanced machine learning methods for autonomous vehicle perception and control.

Eric Walz2018-02-08 17:03 PT

Lyft Opens its First European Hub to Develop Autonomous Driving Technology

San Francisco-based ride hailing company Lyft, Uber’s main rival in the U.S, has announced its first official expansion into Europe. However, Lyft will not to pick up passengers yet, it has opened its office in Munich, Germany to work on autonomous driving technology.

Eric Walz2018-01-31 13:33 PT

California Senator and Others Block Progress on Self-Driving Car Legislation

Bipartisan legislation to promote safe development of autonomous vehicle technology in the U.S. stalled in the Senate this week over safety concerns from three Democrats, including California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune said Wednesday.

Eric Walz2018-01-27 07:05 PT

AdaSky Demonstrates its Thermal Vision Solution for Autonomous Cars at CES

AdaSky was among the many companies showing off impressive autonomous driving technology at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, where the company demonstrated its VIPER vision system. AdaSky says it’s a breakthrough sensing solution to enable autonomous driving in any lighting or weather condition.

Eric Walz2018-01-18 08:30 PT

Baidu Selects ON Semiconductor for its Apollo Autonomous Driving Platform

ON Semiconductor, a leading semiconductor supplier, has joined Baidu’s open Apollo Autonomous Driving Platform. Through this collaboration, Baidu's Apollo partners can get the plug-and-play compatible imaging solutions jointly developed by both companies.

Eric Walz2018-01-02 17:24 PT

Apple Granted Patent for Autonomous Driving Navigation System

In a patent application filed in December 2015, Apple Inc. described a navigation system for self-driving (autonomous) vehicles that allows the car to find its own way to a destination by monitoring the route and developing a characterization of it, which can be utilized by at least some portion of a vehicle’s sensor suite to autonomously navigate the route.

Eric Walz2017-12-22 08:30 PT

DENSO Investing in Car Sharing Platform Provider Ridecell

Global automotive supplier and technology leader DENSO today announced it will invest in San Francisco based Ridecell Inc., the leading platform for car-sharing and ride-sharing operators, as a significant contributor to the company's recent Series B funding round.

Eric Walz2017-12-20 11:32 PT

Velodyne CTO Explains Features of the New High-Resolution VLS-128 LiDAR

Velodyne, an industry leader in LiDAR technology has announced its latest product, the VLS-128 high resolution LiDAR for autonomous vehicles. FutureCar reached out to Velodyne's CTO Anand Gopalan, who provided some more information about the company’s latest LiDAR for self-driving cars.

Eric Walz2017-12-07 18:04 PT

Phantom Auto Developing a Remote Control Option for Autonomous Vehicles

Phantom Auto hopes to relieve some of the ‘ride-anxiety’ associated with self-driving cars — a human safety driver, with the ability to remotely control a self-driving vehicle when needed.

Eric Walz2017-12-06 15:13 PT

Autoliv is Working to Make Automotive Systems Smarter

Jan Carlson, president & CEO of Autoliv, was a guest speaker at this week’s Automobility LA to introduce to the audience some of the company’s new smart automotive safety technology.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 16:53 PT

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Presents Keynote at Automobility LA

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich presented the keynote address on Wednesday morning at the 2017 Automobility LA technology conference where he shared some updates on what Intel is working on in the autonomous driving space.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 09:33 PT

X-Matik's LaneCruise Kit Brings Self-Driving Tech to Older Cars

Toronto-based start-up X-Matik has developed an aftermarket add-on kit which bring autonomous driving capabilities to older vehicles.

Eric Walz2017-11-24 15:30 PT

Connected Cars: How Vehicle Sensors Will Report and Inform What’s Ahead

Automotive technology has come a long way in the past ten years. Soon your car will be able take you to work while you sit back and enjoy the ride or read a book. But while you’re relaxing on the road your car will be connected to the cloud to make sure it keeps you safe.

Eric Walz2017-11-22 16:05 PT

JingChi CFO Presents the Recent Progress in Autonomous Driving at ZGC 2017

Qin Lu CFO, of JingChi, was one of the distinguished speakers at the 2017 ZGC-Silicon Valley Global Innovation & Future Technology Summit held today in Santa Clara, California. He shared some important updates on the company’s progress in autonomous driving.

Eric Walz2017-11-16 19:15 PT

TOMTOM HD Maps for Autonomous Driving Extends to Japan

Navigation technology company TomTom announced today at the Tokyo Motor Show that it is completing the collection of data for its High Definition (HD) Map for Japan. The Netherlands based company is a global leader in navigation, GPS and mapping technologies.

Eric Walz2017-10-27 17:05 PT