Lyft Opens its First European Hub to Develop Autonomous Driving Technology

San Francisco-based ride hailing company Lyft, Uber’s main rival in the U.S, has announced its first official expansion into Europe. However, Lyft will not to pick up passengers yet, it has opened its office in Munich, Germany to work on autonomous driving technology.

Eric Walz2018-01-31 13:33 PT

General Motors Faces Similar Issues in China, U.S. With EVs

While China is dictating what automakers do in the future, automakers moving towards selling electrified vehicles in the country are facing similar issues elsewhere as in the United States.

Vineeth Joel Patel2018-01-28 09:00 PT

GM President Dan Ammann Discusses The Cruise AV Self-Driving Car in New Video

GM President, Dan Ammann, recently spoke with CNBC to discuss GM’s latest Cruise AV self-driving car and explained the vehicle in greater detail.

Eric Walz2018-01-23 13:06 PT

General Motors Racing to Make Profitable EVs by 2021

General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently stated that the American automaker hopes to make profitable electric vehicles by 2021 by following three crucial steps.

Vineeth Joel Patel2018-01-20 09:00 PT

SPECIAL FEATURE: Unraveling the DNA of the Car of the Future, Part One

This multipart special feature looks at the rapid advancements in the automobile over the past twenty years, to the car of the future. From the humble beginnings of the electric car, to fully autonomous, internet connected vehicles equipped with advanced safety systems, powered entirely by electricity.

Eric Walz2017-12-12 10:00 PT

‘Human-Driven Vehicles Are on Their Way Out:’ Former Vice Chairman of GM

Automotive industry veteran Bob Lutz, recently wrote an editorial for Automotive News where he made some bold claims on the future of human-operated cars.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-19 16:00 PT

2018 CADILLAC CT6 TEST DRIVE: Move Over Tesla, GM's 'Super Cruise' is the Real Deal

Futurecar got first-hand experience driving a 2018 Cadillac CT6 that was equipped with GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system and came away extremely impressed.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-10-31 11:37 PT

Oct 9th, 2017 News of the Day: Renault launches its own new energy subsidiary to develop grid products

Oct 9th, 2017 News of the Day

Lydia2017-10-09 16:35 PT

Automakers Finding it Hard to Keep Up With Tech Firms on Automotive Technology

A new report from CNBC say that automakers are struggling to keep up automotive technology advancements from Silicon Valley tech companies. It is a "magical time" for autos, but maybe not so much for traditional automakers, says one analyst.

Eric Walz2017-10-05 10:00 PT

Ford to Partner With Lyft to Deploy Self-Driving Cars

Ford Motor Co said on Wednesday it will collaborate with Lyft to deploy Ford's self-driving vehicles on the ride hailing company’s network in large numbers by 2021.

Eric Walz2017-09-27 12:45 PT

Elio Motors Seeking $100 Million in Funding, Files IPO

Elio Motors, who has been struggling with financial problems and repeated delays to deliver its nimble, fuel efficient three-wheeled vehicle is looking to raise up to $100 million, according to a proposed public offering filed on Thursday.

Eric Walz2017-08-03 16:15 PT

China, Tesla Power Major Changes in Automotive Engineering

Investors should keep an eye on Tesla and China to read the future of the automotive industry.

Timothy Healey 2017-08-01 10:00 PT

GM’s Cruise Automation Hires Former Uber Security Experts

Well known automotive cyber-security experts Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have been hired by Cruise, GM's self-driving car division.

Eric Walz2017-07-31 12:53 PT

General Motors Creates Industry’s Largest Autonomous Fleet

With the addition of 130 Chevrolet Bolt EVs to its fleet of self-driving cars, General Motors has created the automotive industry’s largest fleet of autonomous fleet of driverless vehicles.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-06-24 09:00 PT

Promise of Tesla Piques Investor Interest More than GM Profit

Dissecting why Tesla is at the top of the list for investors, while traditional automakers like General Motors still lag behind.

Timothy Healey 2017-06-13 08:15 PT

Intel Partners with BMW on Self-Driving Cars, Faces Competition

Intel, the computer chip maker has just announced a partnership with German automaker BMW to develop self-driving car technology. The partnership is intended to let Intel and BMW develop a “base functionality platform” for self-driving cars that it would license to car makers.

Eric Walz2017-05-04 15:20 PT

Lyft Shuttle is an experimental new Lyft Line feature that works like a bus route

Lyft Shuttle is an experimental new Lyft Line feature that works like a bus route

TechCrunch2017-03-29 17:35 PT