One of Argo AI’s Autonomous Vehicles Involved in Accident in Pittsburgh

One of Argo AI’s, an artificial intelligence company that’s backed by Ford, self-driving cars was involved in an accident last week in Pittsburgh that saw two people go to the hospital with injuries.

Vineeth Joel Patel2018-01-18 10:30 PT

Hyundai Will Kick Off its Autonomous Program With a Fuel-Cell SUV

While the majority of automakers are looking into pairing autonomous technology with electric vehicles, Hyundai is looking to create its first driverless car with fuel-cell tech.

Vineeth Joel Patel2018-01-13 10:15 PT

Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault Looking Into Deals for Robotaxis

The automotive alliance consisting of Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi has started to look into partnerships with other automakers and tech companies to get into the autonomous robotaxi scene.

Vineeth Joel Patel2018-01-11 08:30 PT

Volvo Scales Back Autonomous Car Experiment Until 2021

Volvo’s "Drive Me" self-driving car pilot program has been delayed by four years, as the automaker looks to find the right sensors for its vehicles before going fully autonomous.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-21 11:15 PT

Ford to Begin Testing New Autonomous Tech Next Year

Next year is going to be a busy time for Ford, as the American automaker plans to focus on autonomous systems that can go beyond ferrying drivers from one point to another.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-17 10:30 PT

CEO of Aptiv States Autonomous Taxis Will Arrive in 2018

In an interview with Bloomberg, Aptiv CEO Kevin Clark claimed that self-driving taxis and delivery vehicles will be operating on public roads next year.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-16 10:15 PT

Rinspeed Snap Previews a Modular Autonomous Box of the Future

Rinspeed, which is known for making absurd concepts that preview the future, has taken a more realistic approach with its latest autonomous concept called the “Snap.”

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-15 09:30 PT

GM Aims to Have Driverless Ride-Hailing Service Up and Running by 2019

The race to get an Uber-like ride-hailing company is now heating up, as General Motors announced its plans to come out with a ride-sharing service in large cities by 2019.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-10 10:00 PT

Intel Wants to Make Trips in Autonomous Cars to Mimic a Theme-Park Ride

Autonomous cars will allow drivers to gain some of the time they spend behind the wheel of a car back, but Intel thinks that time should be spent in enjoyment, not working.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-08 11:15 PT

Optimus Ride Looks to Ferry Passengers in Autonomous Vehicles in Massachusetts

Boston-based company Optimus Ride is looking to give passengers rides in driverless cars at an ex-Naval air base in Weymouth, Mass.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-12-01 06:25 PT

Foxconn Wants a Highway Lane for Autonomous Vehicles in Wisconsin

Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that handles contract manufacturing for various companies, brought up the idea of having a lane just for driverless vehicles near its new factory in Wisconsin.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-27 10:30 PT

Jaguar Land Rover Begins Testing Autonomous Vehicles on British Roads

Britain’s largest automotive manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, has started to test driverless vehicles on the country’s roads, as it looks to lead the way forward for Britain’s autonomous race.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-26 10:15 PT

‘Human-Driven Vehicles Are on Their Way Out:’ Former Vice Chairman of GM

Automotive industry veteran Bob Lutz, recently wrote an editorial for Automotive News where he made some bold claims on the future of human-operated cars.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-19 16:00 PT

Ford Looks to Give Pickup Trucks Autonomous Capabilities for Off-Roading

While other automakers are looking to completely take drivers out of the equation on the road, Ford’s recent patent reveals its plan to develop a driverless off-roading system for its pickup trucks.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-19 09:00 PT

Jaywalking Could Become Legal Thanks to Driverless Cars

According to a report by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, cities should limit autonomous vehicles to 20 miles per hour and allow pedestrians to cross streets leisurely.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-10 13:00 PT

Arbe Robotics Raises $9 Million for Driverless Car Tech

Tel Aviv-based company Arbe Robotics has raised $9 million to develop high-resolution radars for self-driving vehicles.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-09 09:30 PT

Mitsubishi Electric Partners with HERE Technologies for Autonomous Program

Mitsubishi Electric has teamed with navigation technology software provider HERE to get into the driverless car race.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-05 10:15 PT

Nissan’s Fully-Autonomous ProPilot System hits Tokyo’s Streets

The Japanese automaker’s most advanced fully-self-driving system is planned to be released on 2020 and was recently tested on public roads in Tokyo.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-11-04 09:45 PT

2018 CADILLAC CT6 TEST DRIVE: Move Over Tesla, GM's 'Super Cruise' is the Real Deal

Futurecar got first-hand experience driving a 2018 Cadillac CT6 that was equipped with GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system and came away extremely impressed.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-10-31 11:37 PT

Uber Created a Fake City for Autonomous Vehicles

Uber may be testing its self-driving vehicles on Pittsburgh’s public roads, but the ride-sharing company went to great lengths to create a fake city to test their vehicles in.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-10-26 09:15 PT

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