“Data is the New Oil” - The Alpha, Beta and Omega of Postmodern Wealth Creation - Part II

“Data is the New Oil” The Alpha, Beta and Omega of Postmodern Wealth Creation

Anthony2016-11-21 18:00 PT

“Data is the New Oil” - The Alpha, Beta and Omega of Postmodern Wealth Creation - Part I

“Data is the New Oil” The Alpha, Beta and Omega of Postmodern Wealth Creation

Anthony2016-11-20 17:45 PT

PolySync wins the 2016 Top 10 Automotive Startup Award at the LA Auto Show

PolySync wins 2016 Top 10 Automotive Startups competition at the LA Auto Show.

Claire2016-11-16 04:05 PT

AI and the Automobiles of the Future

Anthony2016-11-16 02:40 PT

Porsche debuts two long-distance sportscars at LA Auto Show

On Day 2 of LA Auto Show, Porsche presents two global debuts for the long haul: Panamera Executive and 911 RSR.

Claire2016-11-15 23:34 PT

Cyber Security Hosted By Booz Allen Hamilton - MobilityLA 2016

Anthony2016-11-15 23:30 PT

AutomobilityLA Day 2: Local Motors presents their intelligent electric bus Olli

On Day 2 of AutomobiligyLA 2016, Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers proudly introduced their product Olli- their first cognitive, autonomous electric vehicle with IBM Watson technology.

Claire2016-11-15 23:02 PT

The Road Warrior - NEXTEV CEO Speaks at AutoMobilityLA

Anthony2016-11-15 21:05 PT

The First Cabriolet and the Most Powerful E-Class Ever from Mercedes-Benz at LA Auto Show

At the 2016 LA Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz Cars is presenting two new models from the very pinnacle of their respective classes: the first-ever cabriolet made by Mercedes-Maybach along with the most powerful E-Class which sees Mercedes-AMG set the new benchmark in the performance segment.

Claire2016-11-15 20:05 PT

Sébastien Stassin - Designing for the Outliers

Lydia2016-11-15 17:30 PT

"Queen of the Electric Car Biz" Details Current State of EV Sector

Padmasree Warrior, CEO of NextEV and one of the most influential leaders in the EV industry, elaborated on the current hurdles and challenges that manufacturers must overcome in order to reach their goals.

Michael Cheng2016-11-15 17:05 PT

Realizing the EV dream: challenges and possibilities for the future

On Day 1 of Automobility LA 2016, industry leaders gathered together to discuss the EV ecosystem — what it will look like, where to best focus their efforts, and how they can best provide integrative, innovative, and seamless solutions.

Claire2016-11-15 01:12 PT

2050 - A panel discussion about cities of the future

Urban design experts sit together and discuss what transformative urban trends will be reshaping our cities and repainting our landscape, to serve as a prelude for tomorrow's Design and Developer Challenge that fully envisage city of autonomous car in 2050.

Claire2016-11-15 00:13 PT

Nissan Rogue One: Star Wars limited edition on LA Auto Show

Nissan and Lucasfilm, the studio behind the latest addition to the Star Wars movie empire, join forces for the first-ever full-size production vehicle to include Star Wars-branded elements, the “Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition.”

Claire2016-11-14 22:25 PT

How Chatbots and AI will transform Automative Retail

Debuting at AutobilityLA 2016, Greg Shaffer, Director of Product Management at Edmunds is demonstrating through Facebook messenger to the audience a new AI chatbot that they’ve been doing research for years.

Claire2016-11-14 22:05 PT

The MobilityLA Auto Show

Anthony2016-11-14 21:00 PT

"Conversation is King" in the World of Chatbots and AI-powered Messaging Services

According to Edmunds and Facebook, in order to leverage AI-driven chatbots, businesses must focus on messaging platforms as primary mediums for delivery and transactions.

Michael Cheng2016-11-14 20:55 PT

BMW Reach Now Previews the Future of Car Ownership and Sharing

According to stats from Turo, P2P car-sharing is “already mainstream.” With over two million users and a whopping 120,000 listed vehicles, it’s now time to take car-sharing programs more seriously.

Michael Cheng2016-11-14 19:55 PT

You can command your Hyundai with Amazon Echo

You can command your Hyundai with Amazon Echo

Lydia2016-11-14 19:40 PT

Three Types of Data in Connected Cars, Explained by CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich

At AutoMobility LA 2016, Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, explains the different types of information that future vehicles must make sense of in order to provide a complete in-car IoT experience.

Michael Cheng2016-11-14 18:55 PT

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