Uber Plans to Have Autonomous Trips With No Human Backup in 2019

Speaking to the Associated Press at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Uber’s Advanced Technology Group leader Eric Meyhofer said that Uber plans to carry passengers in autonomous vehicles without human backup drivers in about the same time frame as its competitors, which is sometime next year.

Eric Walz2018-01-18 11:02 PT

SoftBank Tender for 14% Stake in Uber Closes at a Deep Discount

Japanese multinational corporation SoftBank has acquired a 14% stake in Uber, as early shareholders have agreed to sell a large stake in the company. The deal was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Eric Walz2017-12-28 14:40 PT

Uber Investor Files Suit Over Acquisition of Otto From Former Google Engineer

A Uber investor has filed a lawsuit against the ride-hailing company for failing to properly review company’s $680 million acquisition of a self-driving technology firm that wound up being accused of stealing trade secrets from Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Alphabet Inc.

Eric Walz2017-12-14 14:42 PT

Uber Paid $100,000 Ransom to Hackers After Data Breach of 57 Million Customer Accounts

Uber admitted that it failed to disclose a massive breach last year that exposed the data of some 57 million users of the ride-sharing service, the company’s new chief executive office Dara Khosrowshahi said on Tuesday.

Eric Walz2017-11-21 17:47 PT

Uber Confirms Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Deal From Softbank

Uber Technologies Inc. has approved SoftBank’s offer to buy a multi-billion dollar stake in the ride-hailing company, putting in place the pieces for one of the largest private stock sales in history.

Eric Walz2017-11-13 11:49 PT

Uber Created a Fake City for Autonomous Vehicles

Uber may be testing its self-driving vehicles on Pittsburgh’s public roads, but the ride-sharing company went to great lengths to create a fake city to test their vehicles in.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-10-26 09:15 PT

Uber Introduces its Own Credit Card

Uber Technologies Inc. has announced a credit card in partnership with Barclays and Visa targeting riders and offering reward points back on purchases using the card.

Eric Walz2017-10-25 14:14 PT

Uber Board Approves Governance Changes, Limits Former CEO’s Influence

After months of infighting at Uber, the company’s board on Tuesday unanimously agreed to change how the company is governed, diminishing former CEO Travis Kalanick’s influence while making peace among feuding factions

Eric Walz2017-10-04 10:45 PT

Autonomous Uber Involved in Multi-Car Accident in Arizona

One of Uber’s self-driving vehicles was involved in an accident involving two other cars last week, but the autonomous car was found to be not at fault.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-09-15 14:40 PT

Uber Gets a New CEO from Travel Company Expedia

Uber chose Dara Khosrowshahi, who leads the online travel company Expedia, to be its chief executive on Sunday. The selection capped a contentious search process as the ride-hailing company seeks to move past the turbulent events this year.

Eric Walz2017-08-28 12:12 PT

Uber’s Already Upgrading its Self-Driving Truck Fleet with new Technology

Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group is already testing a new variant of the company’s autonomous trucks, which now come with even more technology.

Vineeth Joel Patel2017-07-07 12:00 PT

The Head of Uber ATG Steps Down Amid Waymo Lawsuit

As the legal battle escalates between Waymo and Uber over the alleged theft of intellectual property, one of the individuals accused of stealing it has stepped down from his current role at Uber.

Eric Walz2017-04-28 12:13 PT

Uber to Detail its Flying Car Concept this Week

Uber is detailing a flying car concept at its Uber Elevate Summit in taking place in Dallas, Texas on April 25 - 27th, 2017. The Summit will offer an information-packed three days during which Uber hopes to build awareness about the Elevate mission, identify and accelerate opportunities, and define a path towards towards future flying cars.

Eric Walz2017-04-24 12:58 PT

Media company Axel Springer takes a stake in Uber

Media company Axel Springer takes a stake in Uber

TechCrunch2017-04-20 06:10 PT

Uber’s VP of global vehicle programs is out

Uber’s VP of global vehicle programs is out

TechCrunch2017-04-18 06:05 PT

The self-driving Uber in the Arizona crash was hit crossing an intersection on yellow

Police: The self-driving Uber in the Arizona crash was hit crossing an intersection on yellow

BusinessInsider2017-03-31 17:52 PT

Uber’s new in-app navigation is designed specifically for Uber drivers

Uber’s new in-app navigation is designed specifically for Uber drivers. The new Uber navigation experience is an upgrade from what was available in the iOS driver app previously, and a completely new addition to the Android version of their mobile software.

TechCrunch2017-03-15 12:10 PT

Uber works to repair ties with regulators

Uber on Wednesday obtained the necessary permit to put its self-driving cars back on California streets, conceding to the state's rules after a public spat with regulators last year and initially refusing to apply for the $150 permit.

Autonews2017-03-09 13:15 PT