A Closer Look at the Mercedes Benz GLC F-Cell Technology

Mercedes Benz was among the many automakers at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. Mercedes showed off its entire lineup, including the GLC F-Cell compact SUV. The GLC F-Cell is the world’s first electric vehicle with both fuel-cell and battery powertrain.

Eric Walz2017-11-30 15:10 PT

BMW Debuts Limited Edition M3-CS at the Los Angeles Auto Show

BMW brought the 2018 M3 CS sedan to the LA auto show this week and the car is impressive. The CS is the most powerful standard production vehicle of all time in the M3 model series.

Eric Walz2017-11-30 14:07 PT

Toyota Debuts Groundbreaking FT-AC Concept Adventure Vehicle at the LA Auto Show

Toyota unveiled a groundbreaking new concept vehicle today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The SUV is designed for active lifestyles and includes innovative features such as an integrated rear bike rack that folds into the bumper and is concealed when not in use.

Eric Walz2017-11-30 13:32 PT

Autoliv is Working to Make Automotive Systems Smarter

Jan Carlson, president & CEO of Autoliv, was a guest speaker at this week’s Automobility LA to introduce to the audience some of the company’s new smart automotive safety technology.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 16:53 PT

Hyundai Unveils the Kona, its New Compact SUV

Hyundai Chief Operating Officer Brian Smith took to the stage at Automobility LA to reveal Hyundai’s newest vehicle, the Kona compact SUV.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 16:34 PT

Volvo Announces Subscription Car Plan for its New XC40 Crossover

Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson announced a new subscription car plan for the upcoming Volvo XC40 crossover at Automobility LA today.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 16:03 PT

2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is Here

Jeep just unveiled its 2018 Wrangler Rubicon at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Xiaoli Tian2017-11-29 14:10 PT

Nissan Introduces its 2018 Kicks

Xiaoli Tian2017-11-29 13:35 PT

Lincoln Unveils its New Midsize SUV: 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

Lincoln Motor Co. just pulled the curtain up on the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Xiaoli Tian2017-11-29 12:26 PT

Global Debut of the New 2018 Mazda 6 at Automobility LA

Masahiro Moro CEO of Mazda North American Operations unveiled the redesigned 2018 Mazda 6 at Automobility LA today. It was the world’s first look at the new sedan.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 12:18 PT

Mercedes-Benz Refreshes Its CLS

On Wednesday, Mercedes-Benz introduced its CLS four-door coupe at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Xiaoli Tian2017-11-29 11:04 PT

Lexus Rolls Out 2018 Lexus RX 350L

Lexus unveiled the 2018 luxury RX 350L sport utility vehicle, which starts at a suggested $47,670.

Xiaoli Tian2017-11-29 10:47 PT

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Presents Keynote at Automobility LA

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich presented the keynote address on Wednesday morning at the 2017 Automobility LA technology conference where he shared some updates on what Intel is working on in the autonomous driving space.

Eric Walz2017-11-29 09:33 PT

Augmented Reality Startup WayRay Wins Startup Competition at Automobility LA

AutoMobility LA announced that Swiss-based holographic augmented reality (AR) company, WayRay, has been selected as the grand prize winner of the 2017 Top Ten Automotive Startup Competition.

Eric Walz2017-11-28 16:59 PT

Waymo CEO John Krafcik Talks Autonomous Cars at Automobility LA

When will driverless cars will be ready for the road? Waymo CEO John Krafcik was asked that question at this year’s Automobility LA press event where he was a guest speaker. His answer to that question, Waymo is ready now.

Eric Walz2017-11-28 14:59 PT

AutoMobility LA: Hyundai Blue Link & Smartcar Team Up to Build An Ecosystem for the Connected Car

Hyundai Motor America and Smartcar, a Silicon Valley based company working to drive innovations in connected car technology, demonstrated today at Automobility LA 2017 a proof of concept connecting businesses to Hyundai vehicles using its Blue Link All Access Service.

Eric Walz2017-11-28 11:25 PT