IAV shows connected car solutions at Internet of Things World 2017

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【Summary】IAV Automotive Engineering Inc., displayed some of the company’s latest connected car advancements on a BMW i3 demo vehicle at the at Internet of Things World 2017 (IoT 2017) in Santa Clara, California.

Original Eric Walz    May 18, 2017 4:29 PM PT
IAV shows connected car solutions at Internet of Things World 2017

IAV Automotive Engineering Inc., displayed some of the company's latest connected car advancements on a BMW i3 demo vehicle at the at Internet of Things World 2017 (IoT 2017) in Santa Clara, California on Thursday May, 18th.

IAV Group is an engineering and technical consultancy servicing the global automotive industry with approximately 6,500 employees worldwide and more than 30 years of experience. As a recognized leader in the specification, design, development, validation and production launch of advanced vehicle and powertrain systems.


Connected BMW i3

The BMW i3 cloud connected demo vehicle, a collaborative development between IAV and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), is represents IAV's ongoing efforts to further bridge the technology gap between Detroit and Silicon Valley by developing connected car technologies.

Through the partnership, the companies created a sophisticated system that integrates data from separate vehicle bus systems (CAN bus) within a central, in-car system unit. The vehicle, which features the HPE Universal Internet of Things (IoT) and an HPE Edgeline micro gateway data collection device, is able to carry out ongoing communications with numerous interfaces and control all connected systems and specific applications.

Prior to this advancement, the exchange of data among all of a vehicle's bus systems and surrounding externally connected systems was not possible. However, by utilizing server-based bidirectional gateways to connect and control internal systems and sensors, this collaborative solution streamlines the monitoring and management of connected systems in the vehicle.

Connected Car Technologies

The new vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) systems can control applications, such as closing a convertible's roof due to the rain. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) systems are mainly geared toward safety, and they can be programmed to be aware of all surroundings in order to help prevent collision. In a traditional vehicle, V2V systems can convey important information to the driver regarding inclement weather, nearby accidents and road conditions, and the dangerous activities of nearby vehicles.


The connected BMW i3

Connect to a Smart Home

Besides the weather and road condition examples cited above, a connected car can interface with a smart home's controls such as turning on the lights, or opening the garage when your car approaches your house. As a result, the vehicle can better communicate with itself and the world around it. IAV's other customers include VW/Audi and Mercedes Benz.

With security a big concern for automakers, the BMW i3 concept treats data packets separately, allowing it to properly analyze the data to meet specific security requirements and prevent unauthorized access.

IAV's partnership with HPE on the BMW i3 demo vehicle is just one way that IAV is working with IT experts to develop connected solutions and capitalize on the capabilities that both Detroit and Silicon Valley bring to the table.

Silicon Valley meets Detroit for Connected Cars

IAV plans to continue to utilize its presence in both Detroit and California, with its New Mobility Center in San Carlos, to enhance these partnerships and bridge the gap between the IT and automotive industries. The New Mobility Center will act as an extension of IAV's metro Detroit offices, also providing a more accessible support system to IAV's West Coast customers.

"IAV strongly believes that the key to the future of mobility lies in cross-industry collaborations. By expanding our reach across industries, we will continue to play a prominent role in making the vehicle an extension of our connected lives," said Martin Richter, vice president of Vehicle Systems at IAV. "We are thrilled to bring our BMW i3 demo vehicle to Internet of Things World 2017, where we can showcase IAV's progress and also see how others in the IoT sector are working together to create the vehicles of the future."

Internet of Things World 2017 is located in Santa Clara, California, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The event brings together more than 11,000 leaders in the IoT industry to learn, be inspired and help transform the world with IoT capabilities.

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