Ford Aims For 300 Miles of Range For its First All-Electric Car

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【Summary】Ford has high hopes for its first all-electric vehicle, aiming at a range of more than 300 miles on one charge, being mass-produced, and having an affordable price.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 28, 2017 9:15 AM PT
Ford Aims For 300 Miles of Range For its First All-Electric Car

The electric-car segment is heating up with Tesla leading the way with the Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model 3. Other automakers, though, have stepped their electric-vehicle game up, as they hope to stay with the pack. Chevrolet, for instance, is following closely behind Tesla with the release of the new Bolt. The vehicle, as drivers reported earlier this year, can travel more than 300 miles on one charge under perfect conditions. 

Seeing all of the sales that other automakers are racking up with their electric vehicles, Ford has high hopes to come out with something of its own to take the fight to new entries like the Bolt and Model 3. 

Ford May Be Late, But It's Aiming For The Top

According to a report by Electrek back in January, Ford announced initial plans for a new, all-electric SUV with "at least" 300 miles of range. The EV, as the report pointed out, will arrive by 2020 and compete in the small SUV segment in North America, Asia, as well as Europe. 

More recently, Electrek has received some more information about Ford's upcoming electric vehicle. According to Raj Nair, Ford's Chief Technology Officer, the automaker's first all-electric vehicle will be "mass-produced, hinting that it will not be a compliance car, and priced affordable," reports Electrek

In an interview with Business Insider, Nair revealed just how important pricing for the all-electric vehicle will be. "Our plan is for it to be an affordable vehicle, a mainstream model," said Nair. "To get electrification volumes where we would all like them to be we have to make sure we make the affordability targets or otherwise they are going to stay as a niche item or a pure luxury item."

Being Late Means Ford Has To Be Different

The electric SUV could end up being smaller than first planned, putting it into a segment that doesn't have a lot of competition. Currently, the majority of fuel-efficient SUVs on the road are hybrids, with the exception of the Model X, which is a large SUV. Having a well-priced, small SUV that runs on electricity may be Ford's only way of catching up to the competition. 

In another attempt to differentiate its all-electric SUV, Nair promises that the vehicle will have a better range than other vehicles on the market. "We think we have a technology path that will get us a 300 plus miles range and an affordable crossover utility that will be fully competitive," said Nair. 

Ford isn't the only automaker that's considering an all-electric entry in the compact SUV segment. Tesla, surprise, surprise, is working on a similar model named the Model Y, claims Electrek. That vehicle will also come out at the same time as Ford's projected model.

Ford does have one electric vehicle in its lineup in the form of the Focus Electric. That vehicle, though, isn't a viable option as it only has a range of 76 vehicles, making it more of a city car than a daily vehicle. Ford also has other fuel-efficient cars in the works, but those are expected to be hybrids and not electric vehicles. Playing catch up will be a tough, uphill battle for Ford, but it could just work out.

via: Electrek

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