Sogo's Scope 3 framework promotes emissions reduction.

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【Summary】Car and van leasing firm Sogo has implemented a new framework for reducing Scope 3 emissions in its supply chain, becoming the first company in the industry to do so. The framework, independently verified by an auditor, allows Sogo to monitor its carbon emissions comprehensively and work towards reducing them year on year. Sogo aims to lead the industry in sustainable mobility and offers a range of services to facilitate the switch to low-emission vehicles.

FutureCar Staff    Sep 22, 2023 6:22 AM PT
Sogo's Scope 3 framework promotes emissions reduction.

Flexible car and van leasing firm Sogo is taking steps to reduce emissions by implementing a new framework for Scope 3 emissions in its supply chain. This move is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry. Sogo has worked with suppliers and stakeholders to benchmark emissions using the framework and will continue to work towards reducing carbon emissions year after year. The verification process was carried out by an independent auditor, with full commitment from Sogo and cooperation from its supply chain.

The new framework allows Sogo to effectively monitor its carbon emissions as a business. Scope 3 emissions are considered the most challenging as they include emissions throughout an organization's supply chain that are not directly related to the business itself. This includes emissions from the goods purchased from suppliers and the products used by clients.

Karl Howkins, managing director of Sogo, expressed the company's commitment to making a difference and helping customers on their sustainability journeys. He emphasized the importance of challenging the conventional thinking that electric vehicles (BEVs) are the only solution to reducing emissions. Sogo believes that plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), diesel hybrid electric vehicles (DHEVs), hydrogen, and e-fuels all have a role to play in the future of sustainable mobility.

Sogo offers a comprehensive range of services to facilitate the transition to electric or low-emission vehicles. In cases where an electric vehicle is not suitable, the company assists customers in measuring, reducing, and offsetting their carbon emissions.

Howkins stated that Sogo aims to lead the industry in sustainable mobility by helping fleet operators reduce their carbon footprint. The company allows companies to trial BEVs and PHEVs on flexible terms, and through a partnership with the bp Target Neutral Programme, it offsets the carbon emissions of every mile driven in a Sogo vehicle.

Sogo's growth can be attributed to its focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer experience. The company utilizes advanced technologies to enhance the customer experience and provides something exceptional in the market. The lessons learned on Sogo's journey to achieving net zero emissions are valuable to its customers and the wider industry.

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