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【Summary】Toyota is considering building a small pickup truck to compete with the Ford Maverick. Toyota dealers have been requesting a compact pickup, and it could be based on the Corolla Cross with a hybrid powertrain. The potential name for the new truck is Stout. While nothing has been confirmed, the earliest arrival could be in 2027. The price is expected to be below the Tacoma and could be similar to the Corolla Cross Hybrid.

FutureCar Staff    Sep 22, 2023 9:18 AM PT
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Compact trucks have long been associated with Toyota's reputation for quality, durability, and reliability. However, Toyota has been absent from the small pickup market for quite some time. The iconic Toyota pickup eventually evolved into the Tacoma, a mid-size truck introduced in 2005. Nevertheless, Toyota executives have not dismissed the idea of creating a competitor for the Ford Maverick that would fit below the Tacoma.

Toyota dealers have been requesting a small pickup for quite some time, according to a report by Automotive News. Introducing a compact pickup, potentially equipped with a hybrid powertrain, could contribute to the overall fuel economy of Toyota's fleet. To achieve this, Toyota may utilize the TNGA unibody platform, which would make more sense for an urban-oriented small truck. The new compact pickup could potentially be based on the Corolla and manufactured alongside it in Mississippi. Given Toyota's goal of offering hybrid options for all its vehicles by 2025, it is highly likely that the small pickup would also have a hybrid variant. Car and Driver speculates that the pickup could share components and a hybrid powertrain with the Corolla Cross, which boasts 196 horsepower and an estimated 42 mpg, putting it on par with the Maverick.

There has been speculation that Toyota might revive an older pickup name for the new vehicle. One possibility is the Stout, although it should not be confused with VW's Scout brand. Toyota has filed to register the name for use in Argentina, but this does not guarantee its use. Ultimately, Toyota could decide to use a different name for the American market.

While discussions about the Ford Maverick competitor are ongoing, it has not yet been approved, according to Automotive News. The earliest possible arrival for the Toyota small pickup would be 2027. As for the cost, Toyota has not provided any confirmation or details. However, it is expected to be priced below the Tacoma, potentially in a range similar to the Corolla Cross Hybrid, which starts at just over $27,000. If the truck is released in 2027, the price could be higher.

The Ford Maverick has gained significant popularity, and Ford's only limitation at the moment is production capacity. Pre-orders for the 2023 model year sold out in about a week, attracting customers from various brands. This is a concern for Toyota, as the Maverick is proving to be a strong competitor, with 60% of buyers coming from outside Ford. The Toyota RAV4 is the second most traded-in vehicle for a Maverick.

Toyota USA recently posted a video on its Instagram account featuring a well-preserved Stout small pickup truck. While it is likely unrelated to any imminent plans for revival, Toyota has used its social media platform to drop hints about upcoming products before.

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