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【Summary】Toyota is considering building a small pickup truck to compete with the Ford Maverick. Toyota dealers have been requesting a compact pickup, and a vehicle like this could help improve the fuel economy of Toyota's fleet. The small pickup may be based on the Corolla and could have a hybrid option. There is speculation that it may be called the Stout, but no name has been confirmed. The arrival of the Toyota small pickup is not yet approved but could potentially be in 2027.

FutureCar Staff    Sep 22, 2023 4:19 PM PT
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Toyota has a long-standing reputation for producing compact trucks that are known for their quality, durability, and reliability. However, the company has been absent from the small pickup market for quite some time. The classic Toyota pickup eventually evolved into the Tacoma, which became a mid-size truck in its second generation in 2005. Despite this, Toyota executives have not ruled out the possibility of building a competitor for the Ford Maverick, a small pickup that would fit below the Tacoma.

Toyota dealers have been expressing their desire for a compact pickup for quite some time. They believe that such a vehicle, potentially equipped with a hybrid powertrain, could contribute to the overall fuel economy of the Toyota fleet. To meet the demands of urban use, Toyota executives suggest that it would make more sense to utilize the TNGA unibody platform and create an "SUV with a bed" format. If approved and built alongside the Corolla in Mississippi, the new compact pickup would likely be based on the Corolla and would almost certainly offer a hybrid option, aligning with Toyota's plan to have hybrid options for all vehicles by 2025.

Car and Driver speculates that the Toyota compact truck could share components and a hybrid powertrain with the Corolla Cross, which currently boasts 196 horsepower and an estimated 42 mpg. This would put the Toyota small pickup on par with the Maverick in terms of performance and efficiency. As for the name of the new vehicle, there is speculation that Toyota may revive an older pickup name, such as Stout, although this has not been confirmed.

While the Ford Maverick competitor is still under discussion and has not been approved, Automotive News reports that the earliest possible arrival for the Toyota small pickup would be 2027. As for pricing, Toyota has not yet provided any details, but it is expected to be priced below the Tacoma. If we consider the starting price of the Corolla Cross Hybrid, which is slightly above $27,000, the Toyota compact truck could be in a similar price range. However, if the truck does not arrive until 2027, the price could potentially be higher.

The Ford Maverick has gained significant popularity, with pre-orders for the 2023 model year selling out in about a week. This poses a challenge for Toyota as the Maverick has proven to be a formidable conquest vehicle, attracting customers from other brands. In fact, 60% of Maverick buyers are coming from outside of Ford, and the second most traded-in vehicle for a Maverick is the Toyota RAV4.

While it is unlikely that Toyota has immediate plans to revive the Previa, a video of a well-preserved Stout small pickup truck was recently posted on Toyota USA's Instagram account. Although it is probably unrelated, Toyota has previously dropped hints about upcoming products on their social media platforms.

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