Audi Will Become the First to Test Self-Driving Cars in New York

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【Summary】Unlike the majority of companies and automakers, Audi has plans to test its driverless cars in Albany, N.Y. later this June.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jun 10, 2017 9:15 AM PT
Audi Will Become the First to Test Self-Driving Cars in New York

Silicon Valley, Calif., Arizona, Michigan, and even Pittsburgh, Pa. have become prime locations for testing autonomous cars. These locations provide companies and automakers direct access to various types of roads, differing rates of traffic, and even inclement weather, proving to be difficult tasks for driverless cars. 

When it comes to its autonomous program, Audi has made a lot of promises, including releasing a self-driving variant of the A8 sedan sometime this year. The German automaker's latest endeavor involved launching its own driverless technology division named "Autonomous Intelligent Driving" to fast-track the development of its self-driving cars.  

Audi Adds Another Item To Its List Of "Firsts"

Now, Audi is taking another step towards a driverless future, as it has plans to become the first company to test self-driving cars in the state of New York. The plan, as Motor Trend reports, will see the automaker demonstrate the capability of its vehicles in Albany, N.Y. later this June. 

As the outlet claims, New York began accepting applications from companies to test vehicles in the state earlier this May and Audi became one of the first to receive approval from the state. New York required companies and automakers to apply to be given the okay before testing autonomous vehicles in a year-long pilot program. 

Motor Trend reports that Audi will test Level 3 self-driving vehicles, which, according to the Society of Engineers, can drive autonomously on highways under certain conditions. Engineers, one in the front and an additional one in the back, will be in the self-driving Audi to ensure that things don't go awry. 

Albany, N.Y., which is approximately 150 miles away from New York City, is a great spot to test self-driving cars, as the state gets four seasons of weather and has various types of streets. Plus, driving into the city under its own power would be the ultimate test for driverless vehicles. 

Autonomy And Audi Go Perfectly Together

As the outlet points out, Audi has a long history when it comes to autonomous cars. The German automaker has, according to Motor Trend, covered thousands of miles with its self-driving cars in the U.S. Audi was the first automaker, as the outlet claims, to get a driverless license plate in the state of Nevada in 2012. A few years later, Audi also became the first automaker to be given approval to test its driverless vehicles in California, reports the outlet. 

Audi hasn't confined its self-driving cars to the streets, though, as the automaker also became the first to unleash its autonomous RS 7 around a few race tracks, claims Motor Trend

The German automaker is focusing on more than making self-driving vehicles, as it introduced a new piece of tech on its vehicles that allows drivers to see when lights would change late last year in Las Vegas. 

Clearly, Audi has a lengthy list of firsts to its name, which the automaker hopes to continue with the release of a driverless car. 

via: Motor Trend

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