What's On at CES Asia 2017: Concept Cars Are Blooming

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【Summary】Futurecar reporters are on site in CES Asia 2017, bringing you news related to automotive and drone technology at the three-day tech event.

Original Claire    Jun 08, 2017 2:57 PM PT
What's On at CES Asia 2017: Concept Cars Are Blooming

CES Asia 2017 opened on June 6th and has showcased the latest in global tech innovation to the Asian marketplace. More than 450 exhibitors from 22 countries, regions and territories launched their products this week, as the industry comes together across a show floor spanning 40,000 square meters. Futurecar reporters are on site in Shanghai, bringing you news related to automotive and drone technology at the three-day tech event.

Mercedes-Benz unveils "Fit and Healthy" concept car


The German automaker has debuted its new AMG GT concept car which incorporates principles of Chinese health and wellness into its feature set. The car, based on the Mercedes' S-class luxury sedan, is "designed to help improve the well-being of the driver and passengers," Goetz Renner, head of the Fit & Healthy project at Mercedes-Benz, said at the launch event.


Working with an app, the concept car can collect data and movements of the driver, including heart rate, and provide nutrition and fitness information based on the driver's personal condition. Designers also added a robust air purifier system that filters out pollution – and added a system for making tea in the back seat, which is specially designed for Chinese consumers. What's more, the car's four seats can even give massages to the driver and passengers, or even wake up people in special situations.


BMW's "ACES" concept cars

"Autonomous, Connectivity, Energy-saving, and Sharing" are the four goals that BMW displayed at CES Asia. BMW debuts for the first time in China its "i Inside Future" concept prototype, which is equipped with autonomous and connected car technology, allowing drivers to be worry-free when operating the vehicle.


The luxury auto giant also announced that it has so far accumulated 16,000 kilometers of autonomous car testing data in China.

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Hyundai revealed its "Mobility" strategy at CES Asia


Putting forward the idea of "Connected Mobility, Freedom in Mobility and Clean Mobility", Hyundai displayed its autonomous vehicles, fuel-cell concept cars, wearable robots, and micro-mobile devices.

The company also announced its partnership with Baidu, with its SantaFe SUV equipped with Baidu's navigation system (Baidu Auto) and voice recognition system (Duer OS Auto).

Honda showcases its NeuV

Honda's concept car named NeuV, is an EV commuter equipped with AI technology called an "emotion engine", as well as an automated driving function.

Honda also revealed its "Riding Assist", a concept motorcycle that applies Honda's original balance control technology amassed through robotics research.

BYD launches multimedia infotainment systems on EV

BYD launched its two multimedia infotainment systems which are 10 inch and 12.8 inch in size respectively, on two of its most popular EV models, the Tang 100 and Qin 100. The entertainment systems are based on Android, and are already on the market, which can supply third-party applications such as Baidu maps, Himalaya FM, Kuwo music, etc.

Besides, it provides a 360 degree of camera system which can give driver a panoramic view while driving.

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