June 15th, 2017 News of the Day: GAC eyes on Canada, Daimler invests in Careem

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【Summary】News of the Day for June 15th, 2017.

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June 15th, 2017 News of the Day: GAC eyes on Canada, Daimler invests in Careem

GAC aims for Canadian launch in 2020

Chinese auto giant GAC (Guangzhou Automotive Group) is planning to enter the Canadian market by 2020, according to a recent report by Canadian newspapers The Globe and Mail.

"We hope we can enter the Canadian market by the same time," said Yu Jun, general manager of state-owned GAC.

The company set 2019 as the goal to launch its business in U.S. previously, and now it also wants to seek opportunities across the U.S. border. Coincidentally, another Chinese automaker SAIC Motor Corp is also reportedly sending executives to assess the Canadian market right now.

Futurecar previously reported that GAC is planning to open an innovation center this fall in the heart of Silicon Valley. Chinese automakers might be seen entering the western market more frequently than ever.

Daimler invests in ride-hailing startup Careem


German automaker Daimler recently invests in Dubai-based ride-hailing company Careem, who has raised $150 million of funds in order to expand into new markets.

The "Dubai Uber" now operates in 12 countries, which are majorly in the Middle East. It plans to move into North Africa such as Tunisia and Algeria, meanwhile enforcing its stand in Kuwait and Turkey, according to Reuters.

The company now has 250,000 registered drivers. With the new money coming in, it hopes to expand the number to 1 million next year.

The funding has increased Careem's financial backup to $500 million. The other investors in the new round include Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Holding, DCM Ventures, and Coatue Management. Last December Careem pocketed in $350 million funding with an estimated valuation of $1 billion. The company is hoping for profitability by the later half of 2018.

Lyft sets goal of 1 billion autonomous EV rides by 2025


Lyft posted on its webpage today some concrete goals for renewed commitment to the Paris Climate agreement. The company aims to power 100% of the autonomous electric vehicles using its platform in the future from 100% renewable energy. Meanwhile, it is seeking to provide a minimum of 1 billion rides per year using self-driving EVs by 2025.

The ride-hailing company earlier revealed that for 2016, 160 million rides have been provided by Lyft. It also conducted a series of partnerships recently, including Nutonomy, Waymo, Jaguar Land Rover to work on self-driving car technology.

Qualcomm demos wireless charging when car is driving


Qualcomm Technologies is working on a wireless charging system, called Halo, for electric cars. The dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) system can charge EVs while they drive on the road.

Through a 100-meter test track built by VEDECOM at Versailles, France, two Renault Kangoo Evs installed with receiving parts of the charger are under testing. Through test demonstrations, both cars can be charged at up to 20 kW at highway speeds at the same time.

The test track is under a €9 million project funded by the European Commission, which began in January 2014 and will continue until December 2017. Twenty five organizations from nine European countries,  including automakers, suppliers, service providers and research organization have taken part in the project.

Sacramento to electrify its garbage pick-up truck


Sacramento, the capital of California, will be the first city in the state to implement an all-electric garbage truck, to cut the diesel emission and save energy costs.

The vehicle is covered by a state grant, and will be equipped with 10 battery packs.  If the truck needs to cover a larger route, 12 packs can be utilized. The city estimates the green garbage truck can save 6000 gallons of fuel annually. The vehicle will arrive in Sacramento in December.

Sacramento is not the first city in U.S. to adopt electric garbage trucks. In Chicago, twenty green trash trucks were added to its fleet of 600 trucks. New York City is also utilizing electric garbage trucks.

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