June 27th, 2017 News of the Day: VW partners with Nvidia, Uber adds new feature

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【Summary】News of the Day for June 27th, 2017.

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June 27th, 2017 News of the Day: VW partners with Nvidia, Uber adds new feature

VW partners with Nvidia to expand AI beyond autonomous cars

Volkswagen and Nvidia revealed today that both parties will be working on expanding the usage of artificial intelligence beyond self-driving vehicles.

VW intends to use AI and deep learning "in the field of mobility services." It is eyeing the optimization of traffic flow in cities and urban areas, as well as human-robot collaboration.

"Cooperation with Nvidia will be a major step in this direction," Dr. Martin Hofmann, CIO of the Volkswagen Group, said in a statement.

The two companies will team up to help other startups in the automotive space. VW set up its Munich-based data lab in 2014, which is opening a startup support program specializing in machine learning and deep learning with Nvidia's help.

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro announces $100M startup fund


Security company Trend Micro headquartered in Japan has just announced its $100 million corporate fund today to invest in startups focusing on the IoT area.

The company now has over 5000 employees in over 50 countries, and is best known for IT security products including threat detection and antivirus software.

"Working with these investments will uncover insights into emerging ecosystem opportunities, disruptive business models, market gaps and skill set shortages. These learnings will influence Trend Micro's cybersecurity solution planning across the company," it said in a statement.

The company plans to make 15-20 investments per year, and already has several deals in progress.

ChargePoint will take over GE charging stations


California startup ChargePoint announced that it will become the exclusive operator of all of GE's electric charging stations, which means thousands of places for EVs to charge will be transferred to the new company.

The total scale of the infrastructure includes 1800 commercial charging stations and 8000 residential chargers. ChargePoint however will maintain the existing software and commercial chargers to make the transition easier. Users will be able to use ChargePoint's tools for finding charging stations.

Uber now lets you request a ride for someone else


Uber is adding a new feature on its app that lets you book a trip for someone else. The new function is born to help users book rides for their aging loved ones who don't have access to their own Uber accounts or smartphone devices.For easier communication, it allows both rider and driver to contact one another directly and still ensure the requester is the one who pays the bill.

"We're focused on making Uber accessible to everyone in the family, and on making people's lives easier around the world," Uber product manager Kyle Miller told the TechCrunch.

When one sets a pickup location, a request dialog will come up asking whether the ride is for yourself or for "Someone Else", which will then open your address book and choose the person to pickup.The rider will get the driver's name, phone number and his progress on a map. The driver will see the rider's name and could also contact the them directly through the driver partner app, even though the phone number isn't shared directly with the driver. Porsche says half of its sales will be EVs by 2023


Luxury automaker Porsche plans to dedicate half of its annual production to electric vehicles by 2023, Electrek reported, citing a recent comment of Porsche CEO Oliver Blume made to German publication Manager Magazin.

The company says it will be able to produce 6000 EVs annually from its Zuffenhausen factory in Germany, and the first and foremost electric model Mission E will debut in 2019, with about 310 miles of range.

In April, the carmaker was reportedly collaborating with Audi on vehicle-electrification technology as well as self-driving advancement.

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