Britain's Autodrive Trials Continue to Spread Throughout the Country

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【Summary】The largest driverless car tests in the UK, which are comprised of in-vehicle communication, emergency vehicle warning tech, and collision warning, are spreading to Milton Keynes and Coventry.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jun 29, 2017 9:50 AM PT
Britain's Autodrive Trials Continue to Spread Throughout the Country

Earlier this March, the UK government introduced a new bill called the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, requiring insurance companies to offer two types of plans and defining when the driver would be at fault in the case of an accident. By setting laws early, the country believes it can become a hub for companies and automakers looking to test autonomous vehicles in Britain. 

Major Automakers Partner For Large Trials

The plan worked, as autonomous trials have begun across the country. The latest one, as the UK's Wired reports, is currently taking place in Nuneaton, which is approximately 107 miles away from Manchester, and represents a collaboration between Ford, Tata Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover. 

The collaboration, which is called Autodrive, is currently demonstrating how cars can communicate with one another to share information on what dangers lay ahead, reports Wired. Initial tests have already been completed and now, the collaboration is heading towards Coventry and Milton Keynes to start testing on public roads later this year. 

Autodrive, as Wired claims, is comprised of three systems – in-vehicle signage, emergency vehicle warning technology, and intersection collision warning. The systems, according to the outlet, work similarly to alert the drive of any potential problems. For example, if another vehicle is traveling across a road's intersection, the driver will be alerted, claims Wired. The driver will also receive an alert if an emergency vehicle is approaching the car.

It's Not All About Self-Driving Cars

That's not the only autonomous vehicle testing that Autodrive is completing in Britain, though, as the outlet claims connected-vehicle testing, which allows cars to talk to traffic lights, other vehicles, and even things like parking spaces, are currently taking place as well. 

The companies and automakers currently involved in the collaboration are calling the project the "largest collaborative trial" of autonomous tech in the country, reports Wired. Tim Armitage, the UK Autodrive project director, stated that Britain's roads would be much safer if the country were to widely adopt the technologies, claims the report. The trials, which are expected to expand to public roads later this year, will begin on "segregated sections" of roads before being expanded to open roads sometime next year. 

Autodrive isn't going to focus on just cars, either, as the company is planning to increase the number of autonomous pods in Milton Keynes to 40 in total, reports Wired. The initial program, which began last October, will see Lutz Pathfinders ferry individuals around city streets, claims the report. 

With the release of self-driving cars, Britain looks to decrease the amount of traffic in the country by approximately 40 percent, which is a massive difference. 

via: Wired

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