EM90's interior: A glimpse into Volvo's cozy Scandinavian living room

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【Summary】Volvo has released the first images of the interior of its upcoming EM90 electric minivan. Dubbed the "Scandinavian living room," the interior is designed to maximize comfort and personal space for passengers. Features include personalized entertainment, an elegant touchscreen, massaging seats, and individual heating and ventilation. The EM90 also boasts genuine Scandinavian design details and a panoramic sunroof.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 01, 2023 4:15 PM PT
EM90's interior: A glimpse into Volvo's cozy Scandinavian living room

Volvo is set to reveal its first electric minivan, the EM90, in less than two weeks. Prior to its unveiling, Volvo has given a sneak peek of the EM90's interior, which the company describes as a "Scandinavian living room" designed to maximize the time spent in the car.

The EM90 has been teased by Volvo for several months, with a video clip showcasing a lounge-like area inside the minivan. Recently, images of the EM90's exterior were leaked online, revealing a unique design compared to other Volvo electric vehicles.

Based on the ZEEKR 009 and utilizing Geely's SEA platform, the EM90 shares many design features with its parent company's vehicles. However, Volvo has incorporated several new design elements, including signature "Thor hammer" LED headlights and an illuminated Volvo badge.

The EM90 will be slightly larger than the Mercedes EQV, measuring 205" long, 80" wide, and 72" tall. It will be equipped with a 272 hp rear electric motor, with the possibility of a four-wheel drive option. The battery pack options are expected to offer a range of up to 436 miles or 510 miles.

Turning to the interior, Volvo has emphasized creating a comfortable and versatile space. The EM90 boasts a spacious and flexible interior, featuring a premium 6-seater layout that provides individual zones and space for each passenger. The second-row passengers will have access to various amenities, including massaging seats, individual heating and ventilation, and built-in tables and cupholders.

The interior design of the EM90 was focused on creating a car that is suitable for both work and family travel. Volvo's design team aimed to provide a premium, stylish, and calming interior, with features such as zero-gravity cushions in the second-row lounge seats and a panoramic sunroof that covers the entire cabin.

The EM90's interior also incorporates genuine Scandinavian design details, such as Orrefors crystal in the gear shifter and back-lit wood panels. The upholstery and patterns draw inspiration from Scandinavian nature and Asian art.

The official debut of the Volvo EM90 is scheduled for November 12, with pre-orders starting on the same day for customers in China.

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