Toyota FJ Bruiser Concept's bold design outshines monster trucks

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【Summary】Toyota has unveiled the FJ Bruiser concept at the SEMA show, featuring a 715bhp Nascar V8 engine, tank tracks for off-road capabilities, and a full tube chassis. The car also includes Fox shocks, 42-inch BF Goodrich tires, and a MagnaFlow exhaust system. The FJ Bruiser is one of many cars on display, including special editions of the GR86 and Supra sports car, and the new Land Cruiser in First Edition guise.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 01, 2023 11:31 PM PT
Toyota FJ Bruiser Concept's bold design outshines monster trucks

The recent Tokyo Motor Show showcased Toyota's commitment to a greener, more connected future with its lineup of sensible electric car concepts. However, at the 2023 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Toyota took a different approach, displaying a range of wild show cars and highly accessorized models. One of the highlights was the Toyota FJ Bruiser concept, a truly bonkers vehicle.

Originally a 1966 Toyota FJ45 pick-up truck, the FJ Bruiser has undergone a remarkable transformation. It has become a rock-crawling, terrain-devouring machine capable of conquering any obstacle in its path. Powering this teal behemoth is a 5.8-litre Nascar V8 engine from Toyota Racing Development in California, generating an impressive 715bhp. The engine is fed through a large air intake protruding from the bonnet.

All that power is channeled through a 3-speed automatic race-built transmission, an Advanced Adapter Atlas transfer case, and Currie differentials in the front and rear solid axles. According to Toyota, this drivetrain setup enables the FJ Bruiser to crawl at 12mph in its lowest gear and reach top speeds of up to 165mph while revving at 7,000rpm.

To accommodate the new drivetrain and handle the V8's substantial power, the Toyota Motorsport team fabricated a full tube chassis and roll cage. The body panels were then mounted around this structure. The FJ Bruiser also features Fox shocks, 42-inch BF Goodrich tires on 20-inch beadlock wheels, and a MagnaFlow exhaust system with side exits by the doors, delivering an intimidating exhaust note.

In case ground clearance becomes an issue and the truck gets high-centered, the FJ Bruiser is equipped with a tank track mounted underneath. This allows the driver to activate it at the push of a button from the cab, without needing to unbuckle or get out.

Inside the cabin, the FJ Bruiser boasts two Momo Daytona EVO bucket seats reskinned in plaid, matching the truck's paint scheme as a tribute to the original FJ's plaid bench seat.

Alongside the FJ Bruiser, Toyota has a range of other cars on display at the SEMA show. These include the two-door Tacoma X-Runner Concept, reminiscent of the sports trucks from the 80s and 90s, special editions of the GR86 and Supra sports cars, and the new Toyota Land Cruiser in First Edition guise.

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