Type 136 electric road bike revealed by Lotus.

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【Summary】Lotus has unveiled the type 136 electric road bike, inspired by their winning track bikes. It features an aero design, V-shaped handlebars, and a carbon monocoque frame. The bike is dual-use, functioning as both a road bike and an e-bike. It weighs 9.8kg, making it the lightest e-bike on the market, and the motor provides up to three hours of all-electric ride time. The battery is disguised as a water bottle.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 02, 2023 4:31 PM PT
Type 136 electric road bike revealed by Lotus.

Lotus has recently unveiled its new type 136 e-bike, which is expected to be released in 2024. Described as an electrified, track-inspired performance bike, the type 136 draws inspiration from Lotus' winning track bikes. These include the iconic Type 108 bike from the 1992 Barcelona Games and the Hope/Lotus track bike that helped the GB track cycling team excel at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The new e-bike features V-shaped handlebars and wing-shaped forks, both designed in-house by Lotus. The frame is made using a full carbon monocoque construction, a technique pioneered in the design of the type 108 and 110. Lotus claims that what sets the type 136 apart is its dual-use functionality as both a mechanical road bike and a lightweight e-bike.

Weighing just 9.8kg, including the battery, the type 136 is touted as the lightest e-bike on the market. Its motor weighs 300g and provides up to three hours of all-electric ride time, with a power density of 125W/kg. The bike's battery is cleverly disguised as a detachable water bottle.

The 'Watt Assist Pro Motor system' used in the type 136 is derived from the Mars Lander Project, where weight and maintenance were crucial factors. The motor is integrated into the bike's frame via a compact bottom bracket shell. Lotus announced the launch of the type 136 with a limited first edition production run of just 136 bikes, priced at £20,000. The standard model is expected to be available for sale in the spring of 2024.

Sir Chris Hoy, a brand ambassador for Lotus, expressed his excitement about the new e-bike. He reminisced about the impact of the Type 108 on his career and how it inspired him to ride. Hoy praised the type 136 for its high-performance feel and lightweight design, even when not using the motor.

Danny Barnes, the project lead for the type 136, emphasized the importance of rider feedback in the development process. Testing involved both mechanical stress testing and extensive rider testing, with every aspect of performance recorded. The data collected helped shape the overall design of the bike, including the frame and motor, resulting in the unique and progressive type 136.

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