Opel Developing Affordable Electric Vehicle at €25,000, Claims Report

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【Summary】Opel is reportedly working on an entry-level electric vehicle (EV) priced at €25,000 ($26,500). The CEO of Opel hinted at the possibility of a smaller model that would be more affordable than the Corsa supermini. The unnamed model could compete with other urban EVs like the Citroen e-C3, Fiat Panda, Renault 5, Kia EV2, and VW ID.1/ID.2. Opel's CEO mentioned the need for cheaper and more energy-dense batteries to achieve a small footprint, decent range, and affordable price.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 02, 2023 4:33 PM PT
Opel Developing Affordable Electric Vehicle at €25,000, Claims Report

The CEO of Opel has suggested that there is room in the company's lineup for a smaller model to complement the Corsa supermini. Opel is open to the idea of introducing a new entry-level electric vehicle (EV) that would be smaller and more affordable than the Corsa. This unnamed model is expected to have a target price of €25,000 ($26,500) and could compete with other upcoming urban EVs like the Cirtoen e-C3, Fiat Panda, Renault 5, Kia EV2, and VW ID.1 / ID.2.

Opel has previously offered entry-level models such as the Agila, Karl, and Adam, but all three have been discontinued. Florian Huettl, the CEO of Opel, has stated that a new city car is "possible" and that there is space in the lineup for a smaller model below the Corsa. This suggests that an Opel-branded urban EV could already be in development.

Although the CEO did not provide specific details about the underpinnings of a smaller EV, it is speculated that it could be based on either the budget-friendly "Smart Car" or the more technologically advanced STLA Small platform from Stellantis. Opel's focus is on developing new energy-dense battery chemistries that are cheaper, lighter, and smaller in size. This would allow the urban EV to have a small footprint, a decent range, and interior space, all at an affordable price.

Opel aims to offer the next-generation electric city car for €25,000 ($26,500), which aligns with the target prices of its competitors, the Renault 5 and VW ID.2. However, the Opel CEO believes that achieving a price tag of €20,000 ($21,250) is "unattainable" due to the high cost of materials. It is worth noting that the Citroen e-C3 will eventually start at €19,990 ($21,200) with a smaller battery, and VW has a similar target for the entry price of its upcoming ID.1 urban crossover.

It remains to be seen whether Opel will officially confirm the development of a smaller EV, but the CEO's comments suggest that it is a possibility. The speculative rendering shown here is based on Opel's new styling language introduced earlier this year with the Opel Experimental concept, although it is not endorsed by the company.

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