The hidden truth about hybrid SUVs

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【Summary】Hybrid SUVs may not come with spare wheels, depending on the model and variant. The Lexus RX Hybrid and Toyota Corolla Cross have options for spare wheels, while the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid comes with a spare wheel. This could be a concern for long-distance drivers.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 03, 2023 11:16 PM PT
The hidden truth about hybrid SUVs

When it comes to driving hybrid vehicles in the inner-city, having access to a service centre or mechanic is usually not a problem. However, for those embarking on long-distance drives, the lack of a spare wheel could be a deal-breaker.

If you're considering the Lexus RX Hybrid, you'll have the option to include a spare wheel, but at an additional cost. The RX350h hybrid variant comes with a tyre repair kit, while the flagship Lexus 500h offers a space-saver spare wheel.

The availability of a spare wheel in the Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid depends on the variant you choose. Front-wheel-drive hybrid models come with a temporary spare wheel as standard, while all-wheel-drive hybrid versions are equipped with a tyre repair kit. On the other hand, all full-petrol Toyota Corolla Cross variants come with a temporary spare wheel.

Thankfully, all variants of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid come with a spare wheel. In fact, the GX hybrid grade even offers the option to add a full-size spare wheel. However, due to its popularity, obtaining one may prove to be a challenge.

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