Reasons to love the revamped Skoda Superb

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【Summary】The all-new Skoda Superb offers 28 'simply clever' features, including an umbrella in the door pocket and an electrically operated load cover. The updated model includes diesel, petrol, and plug-in hybrid options, with engine power ranging from 150hp to 265hp. The interior has been redesigned with a free-standing 13-inch infotainment screen and a tidier center console. The car also introduces themed option packs and individual options.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 04, 2023 4:16 PM PT
Reasons to love the revamped Skoda Superb

The new Skoda Superb range offers a range of innovative and clever features. From an umbrella in the door pocket to an electrically operated load cover in the Combi estate, there are 28 "simply clever" items to enhance the driving experience.

Skoda has been relying on the Superb as a key model for many years, with its diesel engines being particularly popular. The introduction of the Superb more than 20 years ago left a lasting impression.

The latest model continues to prioritize diesel and petrol engines, but now includes an updated plug-in hybrid option exclusively for the estate model. With an electric-only range of over 100 kilometers, this hybrid option offers increased efficiency. Additionally, for the first time, a mild hybrid is available for the petrol engines.

The Superb range offers a variety of engine power options, ranging from 150hp to 265hp. The top diesel and petrol engines are equipped with all-wheel-drive, and all powertrains come with a standard DSG automatic transmission.

Skoda has also introduced a revolutionary interior concept for the Superb. The centerpiece is a free-standing 13-inch infotainment screen, providing easy access to various car and infotainment functions. By relocating the gear-selector lever to the steering column, the center console has been decluttered, creating more space in the cabin.

The new smart dials system further enhances the driving experience by providing quick access to important information. Skoda has also adopted the new range structure, allowing customers to choose from design selections and themed option packs, similar to the Enyaq electric vehicle.

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