Cheap Chinese Electric Catamaran

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【Summary】This article discusses a luxury 2-seater electric catamaran from China that is surprisingly cheap, priced at $7,500. The boat features upholstered seats, a center console, and a pontoon-style setup with an awning canopy. The electric motor is comparable to a trolling motor found on small electric kayaks, with a maximum speed of 8 km/h. The battery bank specifications are not provided, but the boat claims a maximum operating time of 6 hours.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 04, 2023 4:17 PM PT
Cheap Chinese Electric Catamaran

If you're in the market for your own electric catamaran for a day out on the lake or ocean, I've found one that might catch your interest. This electric boat is featured in our weekly Awesome Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column, so I wouldn't recommend actually trying to purchase it, but it's still entertaining to admire!

What makes this electric boat even more appealing is its luxurious vibe. While we've seen some cheap e-boats from Alibaba in the past (I even bought one), this particular model looks sleek compared to the majority of inexpensive options.

Perhaps the reason for its higher price tag of US $7,500 is the fact that it boasts a woodgrain interior, unlike my own Chinese electric boat which cost a fraction of the price.

This model features comfortable upholstered seats for the captain and their first mate, as well as a center console that allows for easy control access from either seat. This is especially handy for situations when the captain may have had one too many drinks and needs to pass the reins for the night.

The 13 ft (3.8 meter) long boat is designed with a pontoon-style setup and comes with a stylish awning canopy that stretches over the seats.

It does make me wonder why they didn't include a solar panel array on the canopy. This could have been a great addition to help extend the boat's range.

However, if you're daring enough to attempt ordering one of these online, you could easily add a solar panel array yourself (again, not recommended).

Unfortunately, there isn't any information provided on the electric motor's power. Based on appearances, it seems to be a small trolling motor similar to what you would find on a small electric kayak. The vendor claims a maximum speed of 8 km/h (5 mph), which is quite impressive for a small catamaran like this.

The Alibaba page lacks any specifications regarding the battery bank, so it's difficult to determine the boat's range on a single charge. Typically, the range of small electric boats varies depending on speed, so with this boat, you could likely go quite far without leaving a significant wake behind.

The vendor claims a maximum operating time of 6 hours, but this could vary significantly depending on the speed at which you navigate. We've seen some small electric outboard/battery setups that can operate anywhere from 1 hour to over a day, solely based on how much power you use.

While the product renders look impressive, it does raise concerns that the boat may not actually exist. The Alibaba page only shows renders, but fortunately, they also provide real-life shots of the electric boat in action.

Upon conducting a reverse image search, it appears that the pictures were taken from a resort's website in Abu Dhabi. It's unclear whether the resort obtained the boats from Alibaba or if Alibaba simply discovered a cool electric catamaran and created a spurious listing afterward.

Regardless of the origin, it's reassuring to know that these fun-looking electric boats do exist somewhere and that someone is enjoying them!

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