Exquisite birthday gift: Custom-made Rolls-Royce Cullinan

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【Summary】Rolls-Royce has created a bespoke car called the "Pearl Cullinan" as a 90th birthday gift. It features a unique exterior paint finish, rose gold accents, and a special interior with mother-of-pearl detailing. This one-off commission showcases the brand's ability to create personalized and exclusive vehicles, including the recent creation of a pink Ghost and the complex Phantom Syntopia. Rolls-Royce also offers coachbuilt specials for buyers looking for completely unique cars.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 05, 2023 8:18 AM PT
Exquisite birthday gift: Custom-made Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Rolls-Royce has unveiled its latest custom-made vehicle, the "Pearl Cullinan," which was specially commissioned by a customer as a 90th birthday present for his father. This unique car is the first bespoke Rolls-Royce to come out of the automaker's Private Office Dubai, a dedicated office serving customers in the Middle East.

The exterior of the Pearl Cullinan is coated in a custom Pearl Rose paint finish, inspired by a pearl from the owner's personal collection. This exclusive color will not be available to other customers. The paint went through an extensive testing process, with 30 different iterations tested on full-size body panels. The panels were placed under lamps to simulate the Middle Eastern sun and underwent ultraviolet testing to ensure durability. The paint is complemented by a hand-painted rose gold pinstripe, as well as a rose gold-plated Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and tread plates.

Inside the Pearl Cullinan, the front seats are upholstered in Cashmere Gray leather, while the rear seats feature Ardent Red leather. The choice of Ardent Red is a nod to the color traditionally used to present pearls to customers. The burr walnut wood veneer used in the interior design is inspired by the wooden boxes in which pearls are traditionally presented.

Living up to its name, the Pearl Cullinan boasts the most mother-of-pearl in any Rolls-Royce production car. The rear picnic tabletops are adorned with 1,351 separate pieces of hand-selected mother-of-pearl. The dashboard fascia also features a mother-of-pearl inlay, along with the Arabic word for "father" in stainless steel. The dashboard clock is set in a mother-of-pearl surround with a rose gold dial and hands. Additionally, the Starlight Headliner displays the night sky as it appeared on the customer's father's birthdate.

Rolls-Royce is no stranger to one-off commissions. In addition to the Pearl Cullinan, the automaker has recently created a pink Ghost for an Internet personality and the Phantom Syntopia, a highly complex one-off car that took four years to build. For customers with deep pockets, Rolls-Royce also offers coachbuilt specials, such as the Droptail, which are completely unrelated to any existing models in the lineup.

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