Lotus introduces innovative e-bike with Mars Lander technology

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【Summary】Lotus has launched a high-performance e-bike, the Type 136, priced at €25,000. The e-bike features a lightweight carbon fiber frame and a motor system derived from the Mars Lander Project, weighing just 1.2kg. The Type 136 is a limited edition with only 136 bikes available, and the standard model will be released in Spring 2024. Lotus aims to push the boundaries of innovation with this e-bike, alongside their other electric vehicle offerings.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 06, 2023 3:16 PM PT
Lotus introduces innovative e-bike with Mars Lander technology

Lotus, the car maker, has unveiled a new high-performance e-bike that features the lightest e-bike motor from High Performance System (HPS). The Lotus Type 136 e-bike, priced at £20,000 (€25,000), is an upgraded version of the Type 108 bike that was used in the 1992 Barcelona Games and the recent Tokyo 2020 competition. The e-bike is handcrafted in Italy and boasts a lightweight carbon fibre frame weighing just 9.8kg.

The motor system of the Type 136 is derived from the Mars Lander Project and is equipped with the Watt Assist Pro Motor system. The entire motor system from HPS weighs only 1.2kg, with the motor itself weighing a mere 300 grams. The bike's battery, cleverly disguised as a water bottle, can be detached from the frame with the push of a button.

The Lotus Type 136 is being released as an exclusive limited first edition production run, with only 136 bikes available. Each bike will be individually numbered and will feature an iconic motorsport livery. The standard model of the e-bike is set to go on sale in Spring 2024.

Sir Chris Hoy, a former Olympic cyclist, expressed his admiration for the Lotus Type 136, citing the historical significance of Lotus bikes. He recalled watching Chris Boardman win a gold medal on the Type 108 in Barcelona in 1992 and break records on the Type 110 in the Tour de France two years later.

Feng Qingfeng, the CEO of Lotus Group, which is owned by Geely in China, also praised the new e-bike. He stated that the Lotus Type 136 represents the next chapter in the company's high-performance journey and demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Qingfeng added that the Type 136, along with other Lotus models, will help redefine global expectations of the brand.

For more information about the Lotus Type 136, visit the official website at Additional details about the HPS motor system can be found at

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