Volvo EX30 Electric (2023 - ) Review

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【Summary】The Volvo EX30 electric car offers a sharp design, rapid performance, and a competitive price. It stands out with its use of recycled materials and environmentally conscious features. The driver assistance technology may need some improvement, but overall it provides a practical and stylish option in the electric car market.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 06, 2023 10:18 PM PT
Volvo EX30 Electric (2023 - ) Review

The Volvo EX30 is making waves with its affordable price, stylish design, and impressive performance. Even in its most basic form, it offers great value compared to other similar models like the MG4 and BYD Atto 3. And for those seeking a high-performance option, the EX30 can compete with Tesla drivers. But the EX30 is more than just a great deal and fast car. Volvo's commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of recycled materials, which will surely appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, the EX30 boasts a cool Scandinavian design that is both practical and visually pleasing. It is a significant improvement over its counterparts, the Smart #1 and Zeekr X. While some of the driver assistance technology may need some fine-tuning, Volvo assures that these issues will be addressed before the first EX30s are delivered to customers.

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