Next GT-R: Nissan's Electric Future

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【Summary】Nissan plans to make the next GT-R electric and equipped with solid-state batteries. The company showcased a concept version, called the Hyper Force, at the Japan Mobility Show, featuring over 1,300 horsepower and e-4orce all-wheel drive. Nissan aims to have a facility producing pilot versions of solid-state batteries by 2024 and mass production for retail products by 2029. The production version of the GT-R will depend on the availability of solid-state batteries.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 07, 2023 8:17 AM PT
Next GT-R: Nissan's Electric Future

Nissan showcased its "Hyper Force" concept, a next-generation all-electric high-performance supercar, at the Japan Mobility Show. The Hyper Force, which resembles a futuristic GT-R concept, is a battery-electric coupe with a carbon-fiber body and over 1,300 horsepower. It utilizes Nissan's e-4orce all-wheel drive system and is powered by solid-state batteries. However, Nissan's product boss, Ivan Espinoza, stated that a production version of the future GT-R will have to wait until solid-state batteries become market-ready.

In line with this, Nissan has announced plans to establish a facility for producing pilot versions of solid-state batteries by 2024, with mass production for retail products expected to begin in 2029. If everything goes according to plan, this timeline could pave the way for the release of a potential R36 GT-R.

While the existence of the GT-R is not in question, Espinoza emphasized that the launch of the sports car is contingent on the availability of solid-state batteries. He stated, "We're committed to having a sports car offering in the future, this is for sure. It needs to wait until the ASSB [‘all solid state battery'] is out, it's stable and it's ready, so we can go. With the density improvement, we can deliver a much better packaging that improves the aero and the overall behavior of the car while maintaining the 2+2 layout."

Similar to other car manufacturers, there appear to be two camps when it comes to electric sports cars. Some companies, like Lotus, Pininfarina, Rimac, and GM with its electric Corvette, are already rolling out products using current battery technology. Meanwhile, others, including Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche with its electric 911, are waiting for further technological advancements before committing.

Nissan has a broader vision beyond just reviving the GT-R. According to Top Gear, the plan includes creating two versions of the GT-R: a daily driver and a track-focused monster. Additionally, there will be a new Z model and a more affordable entry-level sports car, both of which will eventually be electric. However, the timeline and details for these future releases remain unknown.

Despite the uncertainty, Nissan is likely to continue building the GT-R due to its cultural significance and popularity among enthusiasts. In the United States, GT-R sales have already surpassed the full-year sales of the past three years. However, the GT-R has faced challenges in regions where adapting to regulations would be costly, leading to its decline in markets like the UK and Australia. Nevertheless, Nissan is expected to make significant strides in its global recovery, and while enthusiasts await the new GT-R, they can look forward to the Safari Rally Z Tribute as a temporary offering.

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