Skoda Superb Mk4 upgrades technology, introduces more powerful PHEV

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【Summary】The fourth-generation Skoda Superb has gained in-car tech and a stronger plug-in hybrid model. The new model features a larger touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, and a head-up display. It also has improved aerodynamics and offers more passenger and cargo space. The Superb Mk4 will have six powertrain options, including two petrol engines, two diesel engines, one mild-hybrid petrol engine, and one plug-in hybrid variant.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 07, 2023 10:18 PM PT
Skoda Superb Mk4 upgrades technology, introduces more powerful PHEV

The fourth-generation Skoda Superb has undergone some changes, although visually it may not appear much different from its predecessor. However, most of the significant changes are found under the skin and in the spacious cabin. The new Superb is longer and taller than the previous model, providing extra space for passengers and an even larger boot. The Hatchback version is now 4,912mm long and 1,481mm tall, while the Estate is 4,902mm long and 1,482mm tall. Both versions are 15mm narrower in the body but offer more headroom and increased boot capacity.

Despite its similar appearance, the Mk4 Superb boasts improved aerodynamics, with a coefficient of drag figure of just 0.23 for the Hatchback and 0.25 for the Estate. Skoda chose not to make drastic aesthetic changes to the popular Mk3 Superb, as it was reluctant to alter a design that had sold over 1.6 million units across three generations. The UK was one of the biggest markets for the Mk3 Superb, with over 57,000 units sold.

The Mk4 Superb features Skoda's new corporate 'octagonal' grille and LED Matrix headlights with enhanced illumination. The cabin is equipped with a large 13-inch central touchscreen infotainment system and a ten-inch digital instrument cluster. The gearshift has been replaced by a DSG automatic transmission, and sustainable materials are used throughout the interior. The flagship L&K model offers luxurious features such as cognac leather upholstery and 28 'Simply Clever' Skoda features designed to enhance convenience.

The Superb Mk4 offers six powertrain options, including petrol, diesel, mild-hybrid, and plug-in hybrid variants. The mild-hybrid model combines a 1.5-litre TSI Evo engine with a 48-volt starter-generator and lithium-ion battery for improved fuel efficiency. The plug-in hybrid model, known as the Superb iV, features a 1.5-litre TSI engine, a more powerful electric motor, and a larger battery pack. It offers an all-electric range of over 62 miles and supports fast charging.

Other engine options include 2.0-litre petrol and diesel variants, with power outputs ranging from 150hp to 265hp. The Superb Mk4 also offers advanced driver assist safety technology and optional adaptive dampers. Pricing and specifications for the UK market are yet to be confirmed, but Skoda aims to provide a refined design, spaciousness, and cutting-edge technology in the fourth-generation Superb.

In conclusion, the Superb Mk4 continues to be a flagship model for Skoda, offering improved efficiency, a redesigned interior, and a range of powertrain options to suit different customer preferences.

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