EV Profits Surge with New Plug-in Technology

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【Summary】AM Live will provide delegates with tips and insights on navigating the growing used electric vehicle (EV) market. Used EV prices have fallen by 38% over the past year, resulting in price stability and increased sales. Indicata's data will be used to analyze the UK and global used EV market and make predictions for 2024. The event will also feature seminars and innovative suppliers for attendees to explore. Register now for free tickets to AM Live on November 9 at the NEC.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 08, 2023 5:15 AM PT
EV Profits Surge with New Plug-in Technology

Delegates attending AM Live will have the opportunity to gain valuable tips and insights on the growing used electric vehicle (EV) market. These insights are backed by the latest retail data from the UK and around the world. With the EV market experiencing fluctuations in pricing, dealers and leasing companies have had to navigate these changes. Tesla's decision to cut new car prices this year had a knock-on effect on used prices. However, there are signs of price stability in the used EV market, with prices falling by 38% over the past year.

As a result of the price stability, sales of used EVs have been stimulated and the Market Days' Supply (MDS) has decreased to a similar level as petrol and diesel vehicles. While it is still early days for used EVs, data from Indicata shows consistent signs of rising sales and falling stock levels. Andy Shields, the global business unit director of Indicata, will be presenting data and insights from the UK's used EV market, as well as information from other global markets. This information will help inform predictions for the year 2024.

During the event, Shields will share potentially controversial viewpoints on the used EV market, all supported by Indicata's data. In addition to the seminar content featuring over 40 speakers, AM Live will also provide an opportunity for delegates to explore the latest innovations and benchmark the best solutions for their business. With over 60 innovative suppliers gathered under one roof, attendees will have access to a wide range of products and services.

To attend AM Live on November 9 at the NEC, register now for your free ticket. This event promises to offer valuable insights and networking opportunities for those interested in the used car market.

For more information on used cars, be sure to check out the other content available at AM Live.

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