Chrysler's Upcoming Electric Crossover and Sedan Plans

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【Summary】Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell confirms plans to release an electric crossover based on the STLA platform by 2025, with design inspiration from the Airflow concept. The upcoming vehicle will have a distinctive design and likely a new name. The brand is also considering adding a new sedan to its lineup. Additionally, Chrysler is focusing on transforming the customer experience through a digital website and the use of artificial intelligence in customer support.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 08, 2023 10:17 PM PT
Chrysler's Upcoming Electric Crossover and Sedan Plans

Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell has confirmed that the brand plans to introduce its first electric vehicle (EV) based on the STLA platform by 2025. This all-electric crossover will mark a new era for the brand. While drawing inspiration from the Airflow concept unveiled in 2022, there will be noticeable differences between the upcoming model and the concept.

Rather than discarding the design cues from the Airflow concept entirely, Feuell has tasked Stellantis Chief Design Officer, Ralph Gilles, with creating a unique and attention-grabbing vehicle for Chrysler.

Earlier this year, Gilles mentioned that the design concepts previewed by the Airflow would continue to evolve. He described the initial concept as "just the beginning of the story" and expressed that the feedback for the upcoming model has been overwhelmingly positive.

Although the upcoming vehicle will draw inspiration from the Airflow concept, it is unlikely to carry the same name. The CEO mentioned that the company is considering various names, some rooted in the brand's history and others completely fresh. However, she emphasized that the chosen nameplate would not follow the alphanumeric naming convention.

Regardless of its name, the new model will be based on the STLA Large architecture. Stellantis expects the platform to offer a range of up to 400 miles (644 km) per charge, with 800-volt fast-charging capabilities for longer road trips.

During a conference held by Reuters, Feuell also revealed insights into Chrysler's future lineup. In addition to the two-row crossover set to launch in 2025, the automaker is considering adding a new sedan to its lineup following the phase-out of the 300. Furthermore, the brand intends to continue offering the Pacifica minivan with a hybrid powertrain until the end of the decade.

Aside from new vehicles, Feuell is leading efforts to transform the customer experience with the brand. Chrysler is currently testing a digital "customer experience" website that allows buyers to configure, place orders, and arrange vehicle delivery. The brand is also exploring the use of artificial intelligence in its customer support call centers.

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