Hot Hatch Showdown: MG4 XPower vs Abarth 500e

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【Summary】The article compares the Abarth 500e and the MG4 XPower, two electric hot hatches. The Abarth 500e is a city car with a range of 155 miles and a 38 kWh battery. It is fun to drive and has good handling. On the other hand, the MG4 XPower is a more affordable family car with a range of 239 miles and a 62 kWh battery. It has a spacious interior and sharp looks. The article invites readers to watch a video comparing the performance and charging range of the two cars.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 09, 2023 5:16 AM PT
Hot Hatch Showdown: MG4 XPower vs Abarth 500e

In our latest video, Rory Reid puts two electric hot hatches to the test to find out how the two compare to each other and against their traditional, non-electric counterparts.

The first hot hatch on the cards is the Abarth 500e. This cute two-door hot hatch is generally intended for city driving. It features 18-inch wheels, sporty exteriors, and is priced at £38,500. With a range of about 155 miles on a single charge, the 500e comes with a 38 kWh battery that takes about 35 minutes to charge from zero to 80%. Overall, it's a fun car with excellent handling.

The second hot hatch in the face-off is the MG4 XPower. Priced at £36,500, it is an affordable, electric family car focused on value. While it looks like a regular hatchback, the fantastic design and a range of interesting color combinations make the car stand out. The MG4 XPower comes with active vents to keep the battery cool, a feature not even found in a Tesla. It's pretty spacious given the price, with a 363-liter boot, underfloor storage, and foldable rear seats. It may be missing some features like air conditioning for the backseats, but with the British weather, it may not be a major concern. The MG4 XPower offers 435 horsepower, a range of 239 miles, and comes with a 62 kWh battery pack. Overall, it's an exciting and powerful car with sharp looks and modern tech.

Now that you're familiar with the two contestants, let's watch the video and find out how they compare against each of these criteria: Performance, Charging range. Two strong contestants with a lot of different things to offer – let us know what your thoughts are on these electric hot hatches.

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