Amerado prioritizes his mother's hunger over driving a Range Rover.

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【Summary】Amerado, the musician, stated that he will not succumb to societal pressure to live a lavish lifestyle just to please others. Despite being perceived as wealthy, he emphasized the importance of education and revealed that he will not drive a Range Rover when he cannot afford it while his mother is in need. He believes in living a genuine life and helping others when he is able to.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 10, 2023 10:15 PM PT
Amerado prioritizes his mother's hunger over driving a Range Rover.

Kwaku Ananse hitmaker, Amerado, has expressed his refusal to succumb to public pressure and live a flashy lifestyle just to please others. In a recent interview with MX24TV, Amerado revealed that his course mates often question his decision to pursue university education, assuming that as a celebrity, he doesn't need it.

Amerado clarified that he will not live a fake life, including driving a Range Rover, when he cannot afford it, especially when his mother is in need. He shared an incident where his colleagues interviewed him about his financial status, assuming that he has all the money. However, Amerado emphasized the importance of seeking knowledge before material possessions.

As a celebrity, there is a certain image that people have of Amerado, and fans expect to see him in a Range Rover. However, he remains grounded and true to his story of struggling to make it to the top. He prioritizes taking care of his mother over meeting others' perceptions.

Amerado concluded by stating that he lives his life as a normal person and gives back when he has the means to do so. He does not let people's expectations define him and remains focused on his personal journey.

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