Police seize electric vehicle on M6

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【Summary】Police seize an electric vehicle resembling a mobility scooter traveling at 30mph in the second lane of the M6 motorway. The driver has been reported and the vehicle has been confiscated.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 12, 2023 8:14 AM PT
Police seize electric vehicle on M6

In a strange incident, Lancashire Roads Police received numerous calls about an unusual sight on the motorway. It was a vehicle that resembled an electric mobility scooter, complete with a delivery box. Surprisingly, this vehicle was seen cruising along at a speed of 30mph in the second lane of the M6, heading towards the M61. Upon receiving these reports, the officers wasted no time in taking action to address this peculiar situation.

A spokesperson from the Lancashire Roads Police commented on the incident, saying, "We received multiple calls regarding a vehicle that was spotted in lane 2 of the M6, heading onto the M61 this morning. The vehicle was traveling at a speed of 30mph. We were able to locate the vehicle, and the driver has been reported. Additionally, the vehicle has been seized as well."

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