Amerado prioritizes his mother's hunger over driving a Range Rover.

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【Summary】Ghanaian artist Amerado refuses to succumb to societal pressure to live a flashy lifestyle. Despite being questioned by his classmates, he prioritizes education and taking care of his mother over material possessions like a Range Rover. Amerado emphasizes that he lives a normal life and gives when he can, without letting others' expectations define him.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 12, 2023 3:14 PM PT
Amerado prioritizes his mother's hunger over driving a Range Rover.

Kwaku Ananse hitmaker, Amerado, has made it clear that he will not succumb to public pressure to live a flashy lifestyle just to please others. In a recent interview with MX24TV, Amerado revealed that his course mates often question why he is pursuing a university education when they believe he is already well-off as a celebrity.

However, Amerado explained that he refuses to live a fake life, including driving a Range Rover, when he cannot afford it. He emphasized that he will not prioritize societal expectations over the well-being of his own mother. Amerado shared an anecdote about his classmates interviewing him, asking why he has all the money and yet continues to pursue an education. His response was simple: he wants to acquire knowledge before anything else.

Amerado acknowledged that as a celebrity, people have certain expectations of him, including driving a luxury car like a Range Rover. However, he emphasized that he remains true to his own story and background. He is known as the guy from Kumasi who has been working hard to achieve success. He made it clear that he cannot drive a Range Rover while his mother is in need.

Ultimately, Amerado refuses to let other people's perceptions dictate his life. He chooses to live as a normal person and help others when he is able to. His priority is taking care of his loved ones, rather than conforming to societal expectations.

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