Ford Ends Production of Iconic Crown Victoria

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【Summary】Ford discontinued the famous Crown Victoria due to a combination of factors, including their financial struggles and a shift in customer focus. The decision was not based on one specific event, but rather a culmination of circumstances. The Crown Victoria, known for being a popular police car, is now being replaced by Ford Taurus or Ford Explorer-based patrol cars.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 14, 2023 3:16 PM PT
Ford Ends Production of Iconic Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria has been the go-to police car for law enforcement agencies in North America for nearly two decades. It was also available for civilian purchase as a spacious and comfortable sedan.

However, the Crown Victoria's reign came to an end due to a combination of factors, rather than a single event. One significant blow to the Crown Vic was Ford's "The Way Forward" plan, which aimed to improve the company's financial situation. In a 2006 press release, Ford highlighted their focus on successful models such as the Ford F-Series, Explorer, Expedition, Mustang, Escape, and Fusion, leaving out the Crown Victoria.

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