Cultural diversity and wellness recognized with National Grid's awards win

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【Summary】National Grid has won the Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion in Fleet award for its efforts in promoting diversity and wellness among its drivers. Fleet manager Lorna McAtear has implemented initiatives that prioritize diversity, inclusion, and staff wellbeing, aligning them with the company's overall ethos. McAtear highlights the need for more diversity in the fleet industry and emphasizes the importance of driver wellbeing.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 16, 2023 5:19 AM PT
Cultural diversity and wellness recognized with National Grid's awards win

The Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion in Fleet award for 2022 acknowledges companies that prioritize the care of their car and van drivers. The inaugural award was given to Lorna McAtear, fleet manager at National Grid, who has fostered a culture of diversity, inclusion, and staff wellbeing within her team and among her drivers. McAtear ensures that these initiatives align with National Grid's comprehensive Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Policy.

McAtear, who has held the role for two years, emphasizes the importance of respecting and appreciating differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion, among others, as key to promoting diversity. However, she acknowledges that there is still a lack of diversity in the fleet industry, with rooms often dominated by males. McAtear believes this is not intentional but rather a result of insufficient efforts to attract more people to the fleet sector.

She notes that the industry is slowly changing, with more females and younger individuals entering the field, reflecting the need for diverse skill sets, particularly in areas such as sustainability. Fleet managers also play a crucial role in providing emotional support and guidance to drivers who may be struggling.

McAtear believes that driver wellbeing has become a more prominent concern in recent years. She attributes this to a shift in cultural behavior, where individuals have become more open about the challenges they face, including the impact of Covid-19. Being away from family overnight or working away for extended periods can take a toll on drivers' mental health, and McAtear emphasizes the importance of providing support in such situations.

She also highlights the heightened awareness of drivers and the utility sectors during the pandemic, as the delivery of essential goods and services became crucial. McAtear emphasizes the need for fleet managers to have a cultural ethos that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing. Without a company-wide commitment to these values, it can be challenging to make significant improvements in these areas.

When compared to other parts of a business, fleet management faces unique challenges in terms of wellbeing and diversity. Drivers often work alone, making it essential for managers to find ways to stay connected and provide support. Additionally, the constantly changing regulations and updates add stress to drivers' responsibilities. The rising cost of living is also a new challenge, affecting not only company car drivers but also those who commute to the office.

The judges commend Lorna McAtear for her efforts in promoting diversity, inclusion, and staff wellbeing within the National Grid fleet. They highlight her focus on mental health, kindness, and compassion, which have made these issues a priority for the company. The sponsor, Free2move, a leasing and mobility provider, recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion and congratulates National Grid for its outstanding work in this area.

Free2move aims to provide relevant leasing and mobility solutions while helping clients drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase safety. They emphasize the significance of diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing in their own operations and are encouraged by the increasing attention given to these aspects by their clients.

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