Liverpool shooting: Land Rover targeted, suspects flee

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【Summary】Armed suspects on electric bikes fired shots at a car park in Liverpool, prompting police to close off the area and launch a manhunt. Witnesses expressed shock and concern over the incident. Merseyside Police have not yet provided further details.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 17, 2023 10:18 PM PT
Liverpool shooting: Land Rover targeted, suspects flee

Police responded to an incident on Lee Park Avenue in Belle Vale, Liverpool today, resulting in the closure of the area and the cordoning off of surrounding roads. The exact details of the incident have not yet been confirmed.

Today, armed police took action to shut down a road in Liverpool and establish a cordon around the area in response to an ongoing incident. Reports indicate that a group of men on electric bikes fired two shots in a car park outside a corner shop on Lee Park Avenue in Belle Vale. The suspects are currently believed to be on the run.

Local residents expressed their shock and disgust at the incident, with one woman stating that she will no longer send her children to the shop for essentials. The presence of a helicopter at the scene further added to the intensity of the situation.

A witness who spoke to the Liverpool Echo remarked that such events are uncommon in the area, expressing concern over the lack of respect shown by those involved. The potential danger posed to innocent pedestrians was highlighted, emphasizing the need for swift action and resolution.

The Mirror has reached out to Merseyside Police for a comment regarding the incident.

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