Liverpool shooting suspects flee after Land Rover targeted

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【Summary】Armed suspects fired shots at a Land Rover in a car park in Liverpool, causing chaos in the area. The suspects, who were on electric bikes, are currently on the run. Police have closed off the area and are investigating the incident. Local residents expressed shock and concern over the incident, with some stating they now feel unsafe in the area.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 18, 2023 8:17 AM PT
Liverpool shooting suspects flee after Land Rover targeted

Police in Liverpool responded to an incident on Lee Park Avenue in Belle Vale today, resulting in the closure of the area and the cordoning off of surrounding roads. The exact details of the incident have yet to be confirmed.

Today, armed police took action to shut down a road in Liverpool and establish a cordon around the immediate vicinity in response to an ongoing incident. The presence of a helicopter at the scene on Lee Park Avenue in Belle Vale was reported, following eyewitness accounts of a group of men on electric bikes firing two shots in a car park near a corner shop. The suspects involved are believed to be currently evading capture.

Local residents in the area expressed their shock and disgust at the events that unfolded tonight. One woman shared her concerns, stating that she used to send her children to the shop to buy essential items, but she no longer feels comfortable doing so.

Another witness, speaking to the Liverpool Echo, conveyed their surprise at the incident, remarking that such occurrences are not typical in the area. The witness expressed their outrage, emphasizing the disregard the perpetrators had shown for the safety of others.

The Mirror has reached out to Merseyside Police for a statement regarding the incident.

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