Obscure Ford sales

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【Summary】Ford's Edsel brand, intended to compete with General Motors, proved to be a disastrous venture. The 1958 model year saw the introduction of seven Edsels, including the Roundup, Bermuda, and Villager station wagons. However, production numbers were disappointingly low, signaling the failure of Edsel as a popular car.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 19, 2023 10:16 PM PT
Obscure Ford sales

Contrary to popular belief, the Ford Edsel was not a disastrous car but rather a disastrous brand. Ford had hoped that the Edsel would boost its sales in the late 1950s and compete with General Motors, which had a dominant position in the US car market at the time.

For the 1958 model year, Ford introduced seven different Edsel models. However, these models were not well-known or memorable. Among them were the Roundup, Bermuda, and Villager, with the Roundup being the only station wagon with two passenger doors instead of four.

Production numbers for the Edsel were initially high, but soon after its launch, Ford realized that it was a mistake to have created the brand. The production numbers quickly dropped to the high three figures, which was a significant failure for a car that was supposed to be popular.

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