Extended aftersales opening hours in demand

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【Summary】38% of customers want extended aftersales opening hours, according to a survey by Tjekvik. 26% of motorists also expressed a desire for online completion of aftersales processes. Tjekvik UK dealers have seen 1.4 million customers opt for the digital route in 2023. Regional differences were observed, with 47% of respondents in Yorkshire and the Humber wanting out-of-hours solutions compared to 25% in Northern Ireland.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 20, 2023 5:21 AM PT
Extended aftersales opening hours in demand

A recent survey conducted by Tjekvik, a specialist in digital aftersales solutions, revealed that many motorists find traditional aftersales opening hours to be restrictive. In fact, 38% of respondents expressed a desire for alternative options, stating that they wished they could drop off or collect their keys outside of the dealer's normal operating hours.

Furthermore, the survey found that 26% of motorists expressed a preference for completing more elements of the aftersales handover process online, at a time that is more convenient for them. This digital-first approach was particularly popular among respondents in London, with 37% in favor of it.

The findings from Tjekvik's survey are supported by statistics from UK dealers, who have witnessed a significant number of customers opting for digital solutions. In 2023 alone, over 1.4 million customers chose the digital route, with 57% performing check-ins from the comfort of their homes and an additional 31% utilizing self-service kiosks at the dealership.

The survey also revealed regional differences in preferences for out-of-hours drop-off and collection. For example, 47% of respondents in Yorkshire and the Humber expressed a desire for out-of-hours solutions, compared to only 25% in Northern Ireland.

Tjekvik also analyzed the opening and closing times of aftersales departments in the 100 largest dealer groups across the UK. The study found that 52% of these departments closed at 6:00pm during the working week, while 28% closed at 5:30pm. On Saturdays, most departments were open, but 29% closed at 1:00pm and 22% closed at 12:30pm. Only 5% stayed open until 5:00pm on Saturdays, and just two dealer groups offered Sunday aftersales opening hours.

Aftersales departments are often the busiest areas of dealerships, leading to queues for key drop-offs and collections. To address this issue, Tjekvik offers Home and Indoor self-service products that allow customers to securely check their vehicles in and out at their own convenience. These solutions can be accessed from home or through user-friendly touchscreen kiosks at the dealership, reducing queues and improving the overall customer experience.

In addition to indoor self-service options, Tjekvik recently introduced its new Outdoor kiosk, which provides a seamless check-in and check-out solution 24/7. Designed with security and durability in mind, the Outdoor kiosk offers dealers and customers greater flexibility and convenience outside of traditional opening hours.

The operational flexibility of Tjekvik's Outdoor kiosk extends beyond the dealership premises. Dealers can now support customers with drop-offs and collections at locations such as airports, railway stations, and shopping centers. This increased reach not only enhances customer convenience but also opens up opportunities for additional business for dealers.

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