Renault Master targets large panel van market

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【Summary】Renault has unveiled the new Renault Master, the largest model in its UK commercial fleet, aimed at conquering the large panel van segment. It boasts improved efficiency and connectivity, featuring a new design with C-shaped LED headlights and a shorter bonnet for better aerodynamics. The van offers two versions of a 2.0-litre diesel engine, with emissions under 200g/km, challenging the Ford Transit. Additionally, Renault announced plans for a hydrogen-powered Master with a range of 310 miles.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 21, 2023 5:15 AM PT
Renault Master targets large panel van market

At the Solutrans Commercial Vehicle Show in France, Renault unveiled the new Renault Master, the largest model in their UK commercial fleet. Positioned above the Kangoo and Trafic, this van aims to be the most efficient and connected vehicle in Renault's range. Notably, it is also the first to feature the new Renault logo, which was first seen on the Megane E-Tech.

Renault has given the Master a fresh design, starting with a new front end that showcases large C-shaped LED headlight signatures and a horizontal strip across the grille. While the rear lights have been updated, the overall shape remains familiar.

One of the key improvements in the new Master is its enhanced aerodynamic efficiency. Achieved through a shorter bonnet, a reduced windscreen angle, and a tapered rear end, these changes have resulted in a 20% improvement compared to the previous model. The benefits of these improvements include reduced wind noise at high speeds, as well as lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The emissions of the new Master are under 200g/km, which puts it in direct competition with the latest Ford Transit. The vehicle is available with two versions of a 2.0-litre diesel engine, offering power outputs ranging from 128bhp to 169bhp. Depending on the chosen wheelbase, customers can opt for either front or rear-wheel drive configurations. Gearbox options include a standard six-speed manual or a nine-speed automatic. The maximum payload capacity of the Master is 2396kg, which is competitive, although there are Transit variants that can handle up to 2800kg.

In addition to the diesel options, Renault has also announced a hydrogen-powered version of the Master. This will be the only Renault van available with this technology. It is expected to be an evolution of the 2022 Master Van H2-Tech hydrogen van, which boasts a maximum range of 310 miles.

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