Qadillaq's Major EV Rebranding

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【Summary】Cadillac will change its name to 'Qadillaq' in 2024 as part of its rebranding efforts to focus on electric vehicles. The company will also ban the use of 'c' and 'k' letters in its official communications. This move is in line with Cadillac's plan to launch a range of electric cars in the coming years.

FutureCar Staff    Nov 21, 2023 5:16 AM PT
Qadillaq's Major EV Rebranding

Cadillac, the luxury American carmaker, is set to undergo a rebranding in 2024. According to an insider, the company will officially change its name to 'Qadillaq' as part of its new naming strategy. This move is in response to Cadillac's plans to release a range of new electric cars, such as the Lyriq, Celestiq, and Optiq SUV. In order to ensure consistency, company executives will be prohibited from using the letters 'c' and 'k' on their official Cadillac computer keyboards and work phones.

This rebranding decision is expected to have a significant impact on autocorrect programmers worldwide, who will now have to adjust to the new spelling. The insider revealed that Cadillac's goal is to provide clarity in its naming structure as it prepares to launch a full lineup of electric cars, trucks, and crossovers in the coming years. However, the electric Escalade IQ will not be included in this rebranding effort due to logistical constraints.

In addition to the name change, Cadillac executives are also considering refreshing the current line-up to align with the new policy. One potential model name mentioned is the Qadillaq QT5 Blaqwing. Furthermore, Cadillac plans to expand its electric vehicle offering with new models like the Mystiq, Platoniq, and Horrifiq.

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