Nissan hopes to turn heads with 268HP EV BladeGlider prototype w/McLaren F1-type seating

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【Summary】Nissan BladeGlider brings cutting edge Intelligent Mobility to life.

Elena    Aug 18, 2016 2:49 PM PT
Nissan hopes to turn heads with 268HP EV BladeGlider prototype w/McLaren F1-type seating

Nissan today in Rio unveiled its BladeGlider "working prototype" which combines electric powertrain with a futuristic design and moderate 268 horsepower split between two rear 130kW electric motors. Max speed is quoted as nearly 200km/h (125 miles/hour), with 0-100km/h (0-62) taking less than five seconds.  No information was given on the battery pack size but as this is a two model exhibition car, it is likely to differ in a big way from any possible related production car.

The system features torque vectoring, controlling the torque delivered to the driven wheels, improving the handling even further. With torque vectoring, if the car starts to understeer, it automatically sends more torque to the outside wheel to restore the handling balance. Designed to add to the driving experience rather than govern it, the torque vectoring system has three settings: off, agile and drift mode. Power is supplied by a high performance, five module lithium-ion 220kW battery. Bespoke cooling systems have been developed for both the battery and the motors.

Probably the most interesting feature here is the McLaren F1-like 3 seat configuration which puts the driver in the center of the car (here's Tesla founder Elon Musk's F1 before it was totalled). There's a lot more details in the press release below.

I wouldn't expect to see these in stores anytime soon. The racey vehicle only looks aerodynamic but why all of those air intakes for an EV that tops out at 125mph? This car appears to be for the same segment that the Tesla Roadster went after about 10 years ago, albeit with more impressive speed specs.

resource from: electrek

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